Dirty Talk: What You Should Be Saying

January 30, 2015

Talking dirty in the bedroom can be a lot of fun when you know what you are doing. You can make your partner start begging for you before you’ve even touched them, but some find dirty talk more challenging than others.

In reality – dirty talk is easy, once you get to grips with the basics. Finding out the right things that you can say can be a challenge, as it varies from person to person. Here on XEscorts we have put together some phrases you can use to make your partner desperate for you, as well as the words to avoid.

Compliments work wonders

To ease into dirty talk, you want something that won’t sound that outrageous or different from something you would say. That way, when you say it, your partner won’t stop and look at you as though you have three heads.

A great way to ease into it is to pay them compliments. Say something like “you look stunning” or “you are so beautiful” to help them relax a little. Words like “gorgeous” and “amazing” can also work, so vary it up a little.

Avoid using words like “sexy” or “hot”. While they might seem like they would get you the right kind of reaction that you’ve been hoping for, they are so overused in dirty talk that they are boring. You can be more imaginative than that, so let yourself go a little.

Describe what you’d like to happen

If you’ve found that dirty talk is working out for you so far, you can take it a step further.

Picture what you would most like to do with you partner. Whether that is simply sex, or you’d like nothing more than burying your head between her legs, just imagine it and what it would feel like. What is your favourite part about it?

You can then describe it to your partner. Start with something like “I want to make love to you” or “I’d love gently lick you all over” to ease into it, and they will be desperate to hear more, or just for you to do what you’ve promised!

What is happening?

Not only can you describe what you want to happen, but you can always describe what is happening in the moment. It can be a huge turn on to describe what is so good about what you’re doing to your partner, and they will love it.

Simple phrases like “that feels good” and “don’t stop” work wonders here, as they are straight forward and let your partner know that what they are doing is working.

You can then elaborate by saying things such as “it feels great to be inside you” or “don’t stop sucking my cock”. The more into it you get, the more you can say.

Things to avoid

With dirty talk, you will need to be cautious that you don’t overstep the mark and say the wrong thing. Try to avoid cheesy phrases, like “you are so sexy” or “watching you fuck me is hot”. It might sound good to you and some people may enjoy it, but using those overrated words can have a negative effect. Keep the words soft and seduce them with it, instead of demanding.

References to pet names can be appropriate and fun at other times, but leave them out of the bedroom. Pet names are cute, and not very sexy. Moaning and then calling your partner “babydoll” might not work out for you.

Start slowly. If you partner has reacted well to your compliment, don’t suddenly start telling them to “fuck you hard right now”. It may be a step too far. Ease into it and then take the time afterwards to talk about it.

Do you enjoy dirty talk in the bedroom, or does it make you feel uncomfortable? You can let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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