Doctor’s Orders? More Sex!

February 16, 2015

We don’t need excuses to have more sex… but if professionals provide us with evidence and proof that we should be getting down and dirty, who are we to argue?

It seems that top medical professionals are telling doctors around the UK to get us all to have more sex each week. This is where you pretend to be devastated while whipping it out fellas… “If you insist, doc!”

Oddly enough, it seems that sex is not only healthy for us, but by upping our romps we could save the NHS billions. Read on to find out more.

Fun form of exercise

How many times have you gone to visit your doctor, only to be told that you should get more exercise? How do you respond to that? Do you simply nod, think “sure”, and then never do it?

Maybe this will change your mind.

Research by the British Heart Foundation looked into how many minutes of exercise you need to do to burn 100 calories. It tells us that having sex burns roughly the same amount of calories as taking your dog for a walk.

So, would you rather go out in the cold for 25 minutes or jump into the sheets with a sexy lady?

Guidance for GPs

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges met together to discuss the guidance they should give to doctors. Could they really start saying that patients should be pushed to have more sex?

It seems that yes, they could… and they did. They believe that 30 minutes of exercise just five times a week could have a dramatic impact on your health. Sex isn’t the only way to achieve the thirty minutes of exercise, as things like dancing and mowing the line can achieve the same.

The benefits? It seems that it will cut the risk of bowel cancer by almost half, of heart disease by 40%, of stroke and dementia by 30%, and of breast cancer by 25%.

When questioned if they were really saying that doctors should tell their patients to have more sex, they denied it, stating that “we’re certainly not telling doctors to recommend having sex five days a week for 30 minutes”.

Beautiful young couple

Would you be embarrassed?

Though they are denying that doctors should tell their patients to have more sex, it seems that GPs still feel that way.

For one, it would be pretty embarrassing to be told by your doctor that you aren’t getting enough exercise and that sex would be a good way to do it.

I would be shocked if my doctor told me this.

How would you react? Would you nod and get on with it, taking the advice, or would you be mortified and ignore the advice?

Do you really need an excuse to have more sex? Let us know what you think of this story and how you’d react to your GP telling you to have more hot passionate sex. You can leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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