Erotic Stories – The Spanking He Deserves

May 19, 2015

I stayed sitting perfectly still, my eyes on the clock on the wall. He should have been here ten minutes ago, and had let me know that he was running a little late. Still, it isn’t a good idea to upset your mistress.

The minute hand moves slowly around the clock and I began to get impatient. My legs are crossed, skirt tight around my ass, as my foot bounces in the air. I pull back the sleeve of my shirt, looking at the watch on my wrist. Yes, he is definitely late.

He Arrives

A succession of hard knocks on the door tells me he has arrived, and I stand slowly from the chair to make my way over. My heels click on the floor with each step, and as I get to the door I look through the spy hole.

On the other side, he stands there, hands on hips and panting. His face is red, undoubtedly from running the way here to avoid displeasing me. I step back and open the door.

“I’m sorry Mistress,” he says, eyes looking first to my feet, as though he is afraid to look me in the eyes. Slowly they travel up my body, taking in my shapely hips in my skirt and my tits that are trying to force their way out of my shirt. Eventually, his eyes reach mine.

“You’re late.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m so sorry, Mistress.”

I stand to one side, issuing a simple command of “in” and watch as he scrambles to get on the right side of the door. He stands before me as I close the door, head hanging low in shame.

“Strip,” I tell him, folding my arms across my ample chest as I watch him. It doesn’t take him long to take off all of his clothes and soon he is standing in front of me, completely naked. He is looking at the floor.

“Look at me,” I order, watching his scared eyes take in my appearance, “Do you know why I am upset?” I ask, starting to walk around him.

“I was late, mistress,” he answers, his eyes trying to follow me as I walk behind him.

Woman tied up

I nod, “Yes, you were late. I am very disappointed in you, slave,” I say, biting the words out and watching him flinch a little. “Now… what should your punishment be?”

I’m standing behind him now, looking his body up and down as my eyes fall to his ass. He turns his head as far as he can to keep watching me.

Holding my hand flat, I give his ass a light tap with my hand. He takes a step away. “Did I give you permission to move?” I ask, waiting for him to shake his head before giving him another smack. This time he stays still, eyes closed as my hand comes down on his arse a third time to spank him.

I begin to walk around him again, eyes falling to his crotch and seeing his cock hardening.

Stepping Closer

I step closer to him. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” I ask, watching him nod. “I can’t hear you,” I say, watching him trying his best not to look away from me.

“Yes, mistress,” he says, nodding and watching me smile at him.

“On the floor,” I order, as I walk to the chest of drawers in the corner of the room, opening the top one to see what is inside. He thuds onto the floor behind me and I leave him waiting for a moment while I pull out a leather paddle to spank him.

Slowly I turn back around, seeing him on his hands and knees, eyes looking up at me and the paddle I hold tightly in my hands. I point to my feet and he crawls as quickly as he can towards them. I raise one shoe towards his face and he kisses it, as he knows he should.

He begins to kiss the skin on the top of my foot and stroke my legs, feeling the silky feel of my stockings, but I tut at him, taking the foot away. He has been too bad to be allowed that. Instead I start circling around him. He stays where he is, like a good slave.

I place the leather paddle on his ass, the cold touch making him wince and move away. “Ah ah,” I say, watching him move back towards me and the paddle.

“What do you want me to do?” I ask him, lightly tapping the paddle against his arse.

He says nothing, so I remove it completely from him, “What do you want me to do to you, slave?”


Begging Me

He looks over his shoulder at me, “Please Mistress,” he says, looking at the paddle in my hand, “Spank me.”

I smile to myself. Nothing turns me on more than hearing a slave beg for punishment. I bring the paddle lightly down on his ass, testing him. He moans, trying to best not to move.

I spank his ass a second time, harder now, and hear the way the leather hitting his ass makes a loud slap. He moans again, eliciting a third smack from the paddle.

“Do you want more?” I ask, watching him nod and hearing him beg me. “Louder,” I command, moving myself to the side as I hit his ass once again. His cock is rock hard between his legs now, standing to attention, as he begs me for what he deserves.

“Yes Mistress. Harder please, Mistress,” he begs, and I move the paddle to my left hand so I can spank his other ass cheek.

I bring it down hard, five times in quick succession, hearing him moaning loudly. I drag the leather across his ass, where the red marks are showing, and watch him as he moves against the leather. He is really enjoying it, and he is panting heavily with each strike. It is such a turn on knowing that I can make a man beg me to spank him that I can feel my own pussy getting wet.

“Mistress, please,” he begs, pushing against the leather paddle I leave hanging behind his ass.

Once more I hit his ass with the paddle, as hard as I can. His moaning continues as he jerks around on the floor, hips thrusting forward, and I step away, putting the paddle on the side.

“Clean that up,” I tell him, referring to the mess he has just made of himself and of the hardwood floor. He quickly scampers to the side, grabbing some tissues to clean his own come from the floor with. He gets back on his hands and knees to do it. This was a spanking he deserved. Maybe later I can reward him for his obedience by making him lick my wet pussy, but for now I will just admire my handiwork, looking at his glowing red ass.

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