Fake or Real – Which Boobs are Better?

December 3, 2014

People are always up in arms debating whether fake breasts or natural breasts are best. Whereas fake boobs can look fantastic, there is debate whether they feel as attractive as natural boobs. We look at both sides of the story.

Fake Boobs Pros


They say there is beauty in symmetry, which is why many women choose to go under the knife. The majority of breasts are not symmetrical, there is always one slightly bigger than the other, which is why fake breasts usually look a lot better.


Fake boobs are much more firm to the touch, which feel younger and are more erotic to the touch. In clothes as well as naked you are able to tell the firmness of fake breasts, which means they can fill a bikini up very nicely!

More Pert

Fake breasts are much more pert, where natural breasts start to sag with age or bearing children, fake breasts stand pert always, which means they are more attractive to look at and give the woman much more confidence.


Don’t forget there is much more surgery you can do with breasts than just adding implants, women can choose to have their nipples reduced or increased and can move them further up on the breast tissue, which means the nipples look much more appealing.

Man holds naked woman's breasts from behind

Natural Boobs Pros

They Move!

Men that prefer natural breasts talk about natural breasts moving and that fake boobs seem to not have that natural movement. When having sex, many men talk about the turn on of a woman’s breasts moving with the rhythm.

They Feel Better

Natural breasts are apparently better to feel, because they are softer and warmer. Fake boobs, because of the silicone are heavier and don’t quite feel as nice to squeeze.

No Scars

Obviously, fake breasts carry scars, even if they are subtle ones, which always allege to the fact they aren’t real. Natural breasts have no scars or areas of scar tissue, which can make them appear more attractive. The other problem is that with fake boobs if the woman loses too much weight, sometimes the silicone implant can be detected. You would never have that problem with natural boobs.

So what do you prefer; real or enhanced? Let us know in the comments section below.


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