The Female Ejaculation

December 18, 2014

The mysterious female ejaculation is not a myth, though to many it can be as rare to find as a needle in a haystack. It is amazing that women can ejaculate just as men can and the female ejaculation is highly erotic, due to its difficulty in producing and it´s low percentage of women who can actually ejaculate, a tiny 6%. Some women only ejaculate once in a lifetime and never again and some can have regular ejaculation orgasms. Lucky them! We give the low down on the sexy, mysterious female ejaculation.

What Is Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation is when a woman expels fluid out of the vulva or vagina at the moment of an orgasm. It has other names including ´gushing´and ´squirting.´ Not all women can achieve ejaculation, in fact studies show only around 6% can achieve a female ejaculation. Pornography has confused many males into thinking a female ejaculation is an easy, even common thing to do, when in fact its very hard to come across. Very turned on females claim they can produce litres of fluid in a single orgasm, though many people suggest only half a coffee cup full can be produced. The fluid contains chemicals called phosphatase, prostatic acid and glucose. It can look like urine but does not usually contain urea.

How To achieve Female Ejaculation

While the jury is still out about what exactly causes a woman to ejaculate here is some ways that many people have claimed caused them to have a female ejaculation. There is positive talk over the importance of the G-Spot. Through vigorous stimulation of this through using toys or fingers, the skene´s glands or urethral sponge which is connected to the urethra is pressed upon, which makes the woman desire to pee. Most women clench in instinctively when they get this sensation, but instead of clenching in, a woman must ´let it go´ and what will happen is the woman produces lots of discharge and then, ultimately a ´squirt´ or ´gushing´. The male will be very proud of himself and see it as a tribute to his god like ways between the sheets! The G-spot is an important area to find and will feel rough to the fingers and like a little pocket. Find this area and you will be always remembered as a smooth operator.

Ejaculation Tips

Men – press down on the woman´s pubic mound – the area between her navel and pubis to increase sensation when using your fingers. Use your tongue at the same time to stimulate clitoris, just be careful – you´re going to get wet! If your woman pees on you instead, don´t freak out. Women need to learn how to control the strong sensations connected to G-Spot stimulation. If you are a woman interested in achieving female ejaculation, investigate yourself with your fingers or a toy, when you feel a sensation to pee, push against it. You may not be able to squirt straight away it may be a case of practice makes perfect!


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