The Foolproof Guide To Make Her Cum

July 18, 2016

A sexy woman lies down, imagining what it would be like to cum

Sometimes it can seem as though things just aren’t going your way. You might have had an awful week at work and so decide that the best thing to do is to enjoy a hot time with your favourite sexy lady. However, in the heat of the moment, you have trouble making her cum, and this can leave you feeling disappointed with yourself.

Sometimes it can really feel as though getting her to orgasm and making her cum is a lot like rocket science. The problem is that, often, we over complicate it. We add far too many things to what should be a simple formula. This, often, means that she has trouble getting off when she really just wants to cum.

So, if you are looking for the foolproof guide to make her cum, you have found it. Here on the XEscorts blog we give you the best tips for getting her to orgasm and leaving her feeling fantastic. Best of all, these work whether you are having sex or giving her oral, so try them out and see where they lead.


One of the keys to having a really incredible and mind-blowing orgasm is that your body is relaxed. If you are feeling tense and angry about what happened at work that day, you aren’t going to really enjoy yourself. Yes, you might cum, but will it feel as good as when you are really enjoying yourself?

The answer is no, and the same applies for women. If her body is tense, she isn’t as likely to orgasm. It usually means her mind is elsewhere, so help her to relax.

A good way to do this is with a slow and sensual massage. You might feel a bit weird offering to give her a massage, but honestly, it will make her feel amazing. Plus, she isn’t likely to turn down a massage when she is feeling stressed. Would you?

Find the right rhythm

What works for one lady will not necessarily work for the other, so you are going to have to experiment a little bit in the bedroom. However, this isn’t always a bad thing, as it gives you the time to explore her body.

You need to find the rhythm that works best for her, so try different things. Different speeds and techniques will work well, but you want to keep an eye on her reaction. If she is squirming underneath you and moaning, it means you are doing something good.

This works for both oral sex and just regular sex. If you are pounding your cock or finger into her hard and fast and she is moaning, you have found the perfect rhythm. If not, slow things down and see if you can slowly build her up to that intense orgasm and make her cum.

Stay the course

This is perhaps the most important point in this guide. Once you have found something that works, that is making her moan your name over and over again as she get close to orgasm, keep doing it.

Often, people make the mistake of changing things. They might want a little variety and decide that the best thing to do is speed up or slow down. The problem is that this can actually make your sexy lady lose her orgasm, and it will be even more difficult to get it back.

If something is working for her, do not change a thing. Seriously. It might be tempting to spice things up, but if you keep things exactly as they are, she will cum for you in no time at all.

Be patient

Sorry gentlemen, but it takes ladies a little bit longer to cum. If you have managed to get her nice and relaxed and used all of the tips above, the chances are that you are doing really well. She is going to be like putty in your hands… but you might find that it takes a while.

If you really want to make her feel good, you’ll be patient.
Don’t just give up after a few minutes and assume that she will never reach orgasm. Instead, keep going. If you want her to cum for you, you are going to have to work at it.

Found that your body is getting tired? Perhaps you should think about your technique. Instead of keeping your tongue in a stiff point during oral, keep it flat. The muscles in your tongue will not tire as quickly. Found that you are aching from thrusting during sex? Let her go on top and take control, as you can concentrate on her face when she orgasms for you.

Your top tips to make her cum

These are the key ingredients that you need to get her to cum for you. They might seem pretty obvious, but they often get ignored in favour of a quick orgasm.

Instead of rushing it, take it slow and stick with the tips above. You’ll find that, with a little bit of exploring of her body and a lot of patience, you’ll be able to get her there.

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