Football Versus Sex: Which Is More Exciting?

March 22, 2016

Football versus sex: which is more exciting?

There are two big things that people will often talk about: football and sex. When a football match is on, you can’t hold a conversation. All you can do is watch and see what happens. However, people are also really keen to talk the dirty details of sex. They want all of the exciting and juicy gossip… but in football versus sex, which is more exciting?

Most people are pretty divided on it. Personally, I’d much rather be having sex or even just talking about sex than watching football, but others don’t agree. That is why some researchers decided to see which we find more exciting in the ultimate battle of football versus sex.

Football talk or dirty talk?

Starting a conversation anywhere about football will usually mean that you end up stuck debating the rising teams, the best players, and the most incredible goals of the season. People either love or hate football. Those who love football could easily spend all day talking about it, while those who hate it could also spend all day talking about why they hate it so much.

It is a sport that divides the world, and here in the UK and particularly in England, football is a big deal. Even searching football on Google gives you around 1,210,000,000 results, making it pretty clear just how much people want to talk about the subject.

When it comes to dirty talk, we are all fans of it. Phone sex is something that we really love. We get to explore the kinkier side of sex with our partner without having to even be in the same city or country as them. We can explore our fantasies. We can have fun role playing. We can even find out the things that turn our partner on the most.

Gossiping about sex with friends is good. You get to pick up some hot new tips to use in the future, and you get all of the dirty details from them about the things they’ve done. They might have found a new sex position that will get her to orgasm, or they might have a hot fantasy they think you should try. When it comes to football and sex, we can’t get enough of talking about them… but with football versus sex, which is better?

Football versus sex

Recently, a team of researchers wanted to find out which, in the battle of football versus sex, would come out on top. If you were to pit them against each other, which would win?

Surprisingly, they discovered that people actually got more excited by the idea of football than having sex. Yes, we’re not too sure why, either. 56% of those surveyed stated that watching football is the thing that gets them most excited each week and month, which was way more than we were expecting.

Not only that, but the researchers also discovered that British people will spend more time watching football in a week than having sex, with roughly 3.5 hours of football watched to every 2.1 hours of sex. It really isn’t looking good for sex, is it?

Football versus other things

Most of those surveyed felt that their favourite football was much more exciting than sex, which is worrying. However, the researchers looked at other areas of their lives too, finding out that plenty felt that their job wasn’t exciting enough for them, and so they’d rather watch football.

That isn’t very surprising, but what might be surprising is that, although many said they spent around 5.3 hours each week pursuing a passion of theirs or learning a new hobby, many felt football was much more exciting.

It seems that the British public involved in this survey found the idea of watching football more exciting than anything else. Sex, work, and hobbies were all off the table if football was involved. But why?

A lot of people find that their sex lives have turned a bit stale. Football is unpredictable most of the time, while stale sex is really dull. Given the choice between the two, it is easy to see why many would choose football in the football versus sex debate.

A bit of a biased study?

However, we do have to address the fact that the research was conducted by someone who might be a little bit biased. It was put together by Nissan. Nissan are the sponsors of the UEFA Champions League, so of course, the results could be a little skewed.

Also, they asked a lot of football fans about their lives. If you ask football fans what is more exciting, football is always going to be at the top. Even if it isn’t, it tends to be chosen more when it comes to football versus sex.

However, the results are still pretty surprising. Here on XEscorts we were pretty certain that sex would always come out on top… but it seems that plenty of people would rather watch a football match instead of having sex.

Which do you prefer?

I am not a big fan of football. Whenever I have watched a match I’ve found myself frustrated, so I just don’t watch. However, I am a huge fan of sex. Sex is a hell of a lot of fun to do, and if that wasn’t a good enough reason to have it, it is also a great stress reliever.

But we want to know what you think. Do you think that football is better than sex in the battle of football versus sex, or are they pretty equal?

You can let us know what you think either by leaving a comment in the box below. Here you’ll find plenty of people debating the topic, so tell us your thoughts. Is sex better than football, or does football come out on top?

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