Is Foreplay Better Than Sex?

January 16, 2017

Is Foreplay Better Than Sex

Sex feels amazing. There is no denying that. Whenever we get the time we will jump at the chance to fuck. Whether we want to go hard and fast in a quickie or slow and teasing for a truly sensual time, we love having sex. And then we get onto the topic of foreplay.

Foreplay is a big part of sex. It is something that we do to try and get our partner as turned on as possible. We want them to be ready for us. We want them to be begging for us to fuck them. We will tease and tempt them just to drive them wild with desire.

But for some people, the build up to sex is actually more fun than the event itself. They love the anticipation of what’s to come, but they love the different acts you enjoy during foreplay more. But is foreplay actually better than sex?

The build up to sex

We’d love to just be ready for sex at all times. We might be excited about the idea of it, but it can take your body a little time to catch up. You can’t just jump into bed and fuck immediately. You have to give your cock time to get hard, and this means we get to have some fun before sex.

Foreplay is a big deal. A lot of people don’t spend enough time doing it, and this can actually ruin your fun. You need to to get you and your partner properly turned on for sex, which requires time to tease each other.

The number of different things you can do to please and tease your partner is huge. Pretty much everything can be classed as foreplay, so every kiss, lick, and touch can turn them on.

What is important to know is that a lot of women need this warm up before sex. You might be able to get hard and ready to go with just a sexy whisper, but women work differently. We need a little more time to get turned on. You want us to be dripping wet for you so that you can enjoy the hottest sex.

Plus, you can give your partner a few orgasms before the fun starts. A high number of women struggle to orgasm from penetrative sex alone, which is why a warm up is so important. With your tongue or fingers on their clit you can make them cum over and over again. They’ll get more turned on and ready for sex. It will be even better simply because you spent some time on this beforehand.

Foreplay is an important part of sex... but is it better than sex itself?

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The act itself

While it is fun to enjoy the warm up to sex, a lot of you will be thinking that the best part is the sex itself. You want to feel your rock hard cock sliding into that wet pussy or tight asshole.

Sure, the warm up is fun if you really want to tease them and drive them wild. If you want to make them beg for you to fuck them, it can be really appealing to spend a little more time teasing them. The rest of the time you just want to get to the main event and enjoy the feeling of fucking them hard and fast.

Let’s get something straight. We women love sex. However, your cock in our pussy isn’t always enough to get us off. We need a little more stimulation, either with your finger on your clit or a toy to play with. We need something extra to push us over the edge.

This is why foreplay is a great idea. By having an orgasm or two before sex, we will find it easier to climax again. Reaching the peak of pleasure happens faster, so we can cum over and over again on your cock during intercourse. So it is definitely worth spending a little more time on the warm up, right?

A couple have hot sex, but would it be better with foreplay?

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More time for orgasms

As we have said a few times already, it takes women a little longer to reach orgasm. Our bodies are built differently, which means that our climax won’t come as quickly as a man’s. This is why the warm up is such a vital part of sex.

Orgasms aren’t reserved purely for during sex. You can actually spend your time in the warm up working on getting your partner to cum. But why is this important?

When a woman is aroused, sex feels better. The more turned on we are the better it is going to feel. The clit and the around surrounding it gets enlarged as we get aroused. We are more sensitive to each and every touch. This means that you could run your finger slowly along our clit and make us shudder with need.

This means that sex itself feels so much better… and the more orgasms you give us, the more likely we are to cum during sex. Another big plus to warming up for sex? You’ll find that you are making more time for orgasms. If you just skip to the main event, it won’t last as long. By delaying with a little bit of foreplay fun, you will enjoy longer and more intense sex.

Eating a woman to orgasm: a great way to warm up for sex

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Learning to multitask

A common problem that many people encounter when it comes to sex is that they find it difficult to concentrate on something other than the intense pleasure they are feeling in the moment. This means that getting your partner off isn’t as high of a priority as it should be.

Something as simple as running your finger in slow circles around the clit can be difficult to manage when you are thrusting your cock into their pussy hard and fast and making them moan a lot. The problem is that you might not be getting them to orgasm, so while it still feels good, it isn’t enough.

You basically need to teach yourself how to multitask properly. This might sound like a big ask, but if you can manage it, you’ll find that sex is just so much better for it.

The best time to practice is during foreplay. Get your partner to lie down and see if you can find the perfect rhythm with your tongue on her clit and your fingers in her pussy. It will mean that, when you get to enjoy sex, you can continue to please them. And because they have had a few orgasms already, they’ll cum a lot easier next time!

A couple having sex and trying to multitask with a massage

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Foreplay or sex?

I think it is fair to say that we all love sex, but if you were to ask us to choose between foreplay and sex it might be a tough decision. Personally, I don’t know if I could choose. The warm up, when done properly, can feel amazing… but is there anything quite like having sex?

I’m a little undecided, but how do you feel about this topic? Do you think you could bring yourself to choose between sex and the warm up, or do you just want both? I want to hear what you think. Vote in the poll for which you prefer and then tell us in the comment box why you choose that answer.

Have we missed some reasons why people might prefer one to the other? Let us know!

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