Fun Ways To Explore Temperature Play!

June 2, 2017

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We love having hot sex. But for some people hot sex means something entirely different. For them, it means temperature play. Temperature play is a fun and kinky sex act you should try, but many are uncertain about just how to get started.

It is exactly how it sounds – you will play and experiment with temperature while you enjoy sex. Whether you want to heat things up or cool things down, there are plenty of fun ways to explore. We have a few suggestions for you to try.

Take a shower

If you are a complete newbie when it comes to temperature experimentation and sex, you’ll find that the best place to start is the shower. Sure, this might not be the kind of play that you were hoping to enjoy, but it is a fantastic way to ease into it while also having a lot of control over the temperature.

On a cold day you’ll find that hoping into a steamy shower is a great idea. It works even better if you get your partner to press her chest up against the cool glass or the tiles while you fuck her from behind. The warmth of your body and the water will contrast with the coldness of the tiles and be a huge turn on!

Find that you are a little too hot in the summer? Just grab a cold shower. It’ll be a shock to the system but is a fantastic way to cool down when it is too hot during the day. Plus, the cold water will help her nipples stand to attention so that you can warm them again with your tongue.

Sex in the shower is a great way to control how hot things get.

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Cool things down

One of the best ways that you can tease your partner during sex is by using ice cubes. You can go to the shop and buy a large bag of ice cubes or you can just make your own. When you have enough, put them into a bowl or a glass and take them to bed with you.

You can start by giving your partner a slow and sensual massage. When you are reaching the end, grab an ice cube. Trail it slowly down their spine and over their ass, before sliding it back up. The change from your warm hands to the cold cube will be incredibly exciting.

Want to take things even further? Hold a cube or two in your mouth as you go down on her. The cubes will melt quickly, thanks to the warmth of your mouth and her cunt, but it will be exciting for her. You can then try gently blowing on her clit when it is wet, as this will make her feel the cool even better.

Ice cubes are easy enough to make and so make an excellent resource!

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Heat things up

For most people, trying ice cubes in bed isn’t a stretch. They are happy to do it and are eager to experiment with it. But heating things up is a different matter, and many aren’t entirely sure where to start. They think of burning, but hot doesn’t have to mean pain.

If you love the idea of giving them a massage to remember, then invest in a massage candle. These candles are ideal for temperature play. The candles heat up to form a warm massage oil that you can then dribble onto your partner’s body. It’ll be very pleasurable.

However, some would rather use normal candles and engage in a little wax play. Wax play is incredibly fun to do, as you can leave your partner covered in pretty patterns. The heat will excite them and you’ll love dropping the hot wax onto their body from a height!

Wax play is a fun way to experiment with temperature during sex.

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More temperature play tips

Temperature play is a lot of fun if you know what you are doing, and hopefully our tips and tricks above will give you a few ideas to try. You should definitely try playing with temperature during sex, as it is a great and simple way to make sex exciting again!

Looking for some more tips? Perhaps you have questions about the best way to enjoy temperature play? You can use the comment box below to ask your questions. See what fantastic suggestions others have, or share your experiences!

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