A Guide to Swinging

April 4, 2014

Basically, swinging involves two or more couples or individuals who meet in different locations and trade partners. The practice is consensual and you can exchange partners, try group sex or just watch others having sex.

Orgies are often happening if more than two couples are invited.

Two men and two women in sexual positions

Why would you choose swinging?

People are adopting this lifestyle for many reasons: it can increase the quality of your sex life, you will have sex more often, it will add variety and new experiences to your sex life, you will have the chance to fulfill your fantasies and also helps you to build self-confidence. Some couples even think that swinging saved their relationship and strengthened their bond.

Why do you want it?

You have to know what you want and why you want it. Maybe you want something new, maybe you are tired or bored of your sexual activity, and maybe you have some fantasies to accomplish? Maybe you and your partner dreamed all your life to experience group sex or just to exchange partners?

How to start:

It is not easy to go swinging for the first time. It is like your virginity: once taken, it will never come back. So be sure you are ready for it.

Read articles about swinging, get informed, and search for clubs. After you discussed this with your partner and you have both decided to go for it, pick what you are going to do: invite a couple (strangers/friends), just one person, or go to a swingers club.

For the first time, for example, oral sex can be very gratifying for all parties, if everybody is comfortable with it.

Even if you are a newbie, don’t be afraid to say what you want and what you don’t want, and try to be honest. In the same time, let yourself free and experience as much as you want.

two frustrated women and man in bed

Respect the rules:

Each couple you will meet and each club you will visit have their own rules. Get to know the rules and respect them. At the same time, inform the others about your rules and your limits.

Depending on your preferences, you can hire a person or a couple that will do everything you dreamed about or if you feel more comfortable, you can join a club. You can always just watch at the beginning, until you feel comfortable enough to approach others.

One for all and all for one

If you chose this lifestyle, you have to accept everything that comes with it. You better have great communication with your partners and clear rules and limits. Jealousy doesn’t have space in a swinger’s lifestyle. You have to get used to sharing your partner, to enjoy watching her with other men or women, or even both in the same time, you have to think free.

This type of sexual relationship can exist only if there is confidence between you too, if you trust each other and if you feel comfortable to talk about what happens in bed during these experiences. There is no middle way.

After a while, if you found the couples or the club where you feel comfortable, you can sign a fidelity agreement that nobody will have sex with other persons outside the circle, everything in order to stay safe.

They are the basics anyway. There is obviously a lot more to swinging, and we will looking at it a bit more in-depth at a later date.

For now, work out if it is something you REALLY want to do. The choice is you and your partners!


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