Guide To Watersports

December 15, 2014

Watersports, in other words, peeing during sex is also known as ´golden showers´ or, crudely ´piss play.´ It is one of the unmentionables of sexual interaction, because many people associate watersports as having some sort of stigma attached.

In fact, it is a fetish just like a foot fetish or S&M. There are many reasons why people engage in watersports, such as being aroused by the thought or sight of urine, or they want to achieve a greater intimacy between partners or they want to intensify BDSM/humiliation type play. Whatever the reason we have the ultimate guide to enjoying watersports.

Start Safe

Its always best albeit boring to begin with some tips to keep watersports safe. Even though urine is clean and sterile, its always best to know the biological health of the partner you are engaging with, as with any other fluid exchange during sex, its best to be as safe as you possibly can. Any sores around the area, strange discharge should be noted and play should be avoided. Always remember whatever medication or supplement will be excreted out through urine. Urine has a high sodium and mineral content so it can dehydrate, it makes sense to drink lots of water first. To reduce risk of transmitting bacteria, its best to drink the urine mid flow so that the urethra bacteria is properly flushed out first.

Pace Yourself

Don’t jump into watersports like a manic and start pissing everywhere! Any amateur needs to pace themselves, besides, you don’t know watersports are for you until you really try it. Watch your partner urinate and have them watch you, to see whether it is arousing. As you get more comfortable, try lying in the bath and have your partner pee on you.

Positions To Enjoy

Everybody loves a bit of experimentation, but here are some positions that are classic watersport favourites. “The Nile” – the woman lies on her back with legs open and the man kneels and directs his pee over the woman’s clitoris, you can also use a vibrator at the same time to enhance this experience. “The Log” – the woman squats and pees on the man just as he is about to come, peeing over his shaft up and down to enhance his orgasm. “The Fountain of Venus” – this one is a little tricky, the woman waits until her bladder is full, then her partner performs oral sex and when she feels the urge, she empties her bladder over his face. “Flooding The Cave” – the man urinates inside the woman as they have sex, this is best in the spooning position as the man will find it difficult to stay hard.

Things To Think About

Taste – To keep urine tasting nicer, you or your partner should consume fruit juice about 45 minutes before, this will dilute the urine and make it taste a little sweeter. Mess – Unless you stick strictly to the bathroom, in the boudoir there will be some mess to clean up, so consider towels, plastic covers and the like.

Watersports is something fun to try out with your significant other, but they may have some more tips in the comments below!


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