Gummy Bear Sex Sends Couple To Hospital

April 16, 2014

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. Dildo’s and vibrators are found in numerous couples bedrooms these days, and have become part of most men and women’s sex lives. The normalisation of items like this has led to people trying to find more outlandish things to use as sex toys, with sometimes disastrous results.

A couple in Tennessee, USA, used gummy bears to spice up thir sex lives, which ended up with one of them ending up with servere burns, and a trip to the hospital.

Michael and Josi’s encounter (which ended up on a TV programme called ‘Sex Sent Me To The E.R) began when the sweet fellow gave the lady in his life a giant gummy bear as a present. This inspired her to get a bit kinky.

“You know what’d be hot? Let’s eat this gummy off me,” she remembers telling Michael. “Oh! Let’s melt it and eat it off me. Yeah, that’d be a super hot idea.”

Being eager to please, Michael ran down and heated it up in the microwave. After a few minutes, the gummy bear had turned into a gooey substance. At this point he ran upstairs and drizzled it over Josi’s chest.

It didn’t take her long to see the error of her ways.

“My chest was on fire,” she said.

Michael tried to help her by licking the liquid from her chest, but that didn’t help either.

“Her chest is burning off while my tongue is on fire,” he said.

A Sugary Surprise

For you scientists out there, this is all to do with the sugar in the recipe. Let’s just say, it’s an awful idea.

Some of the Manchester escorts out there don’t mind getting up to some kinky, but I doubt any of them will be daft enough to pour heated sugary liquid over themselves.

Stay safe everyone!


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