Hair Or Bare – Should You Shave Down There?

April 2, 2015

Hairy or clean shaven, whatever you’d got going on down there will be someone out there who enjoys it. In fact, a lot of people go searching on porn sites for hairy bush porn or bare pussy porn, and women seem to like trimmed hair around a big juicy cock.

What wins in the battle of the bush? Is it better to bare all, or should you keep it covered when it comes to your hair? We take a look as we put the hairy bush up against the silky smooth pussy.

A hairy bush

Man or woman, letting it hang au naturel is a hell of a lot easier than getting it waxed or shaving it. When you shave it, you usually end up blunting your razor and having to get rid of it when you’re done to stop yourself doing some damage, and letting someone loose with wax strips down there is a horrifying thought!

Do people prefer a full bush? For some, it looks more natural which can be very appealing to them. By leaving it the way it was meant to be, they find a primal urge in them to really delve in and discover something sweet.

The feeling of running your fingers through the bush to get to the thing you’re searching for is a huge turn on for many, and the excitement when they finally hit the jackpot makes the eager to get going.

You will find a lot of men tend to keep it hairy down there for a number of reasons. The idea of going in there with a razor can be incredibly scary, and letting some put wax strips all over is even worse! They keep things natural so they can keep it painless and keep their dignity.

However, when men think about a hairy pussy I don’t think they will imagine record breaker Maoni Vi’s! This woman from Cape Town made the news when she got the world record for longest pubic hair, and it measures 28 inches from her vagina. Yikes!

Silky smooth

Shaving, waxing, or however you want to go about it, get a hair free pussy or cock can be hard work. With waxing comes a lot of pain and swearing, while shaving not only means you have to contort yourself into positions you wouldn’t see in the Kama Sutra, but no matter how long you spend down there you are going to miss one which can really mess things up when your partner goes down there and finds it… with their mouth.

However, being clean shaven has its positives too. For one, you are a hell of a lot cleaner! The hairs down there tend to lock in smells and dirt, making your partner gobbling away down there feeling as though they are eating something vile.

Two, no rogue hairs! Have you ever been giving oral sex only to find a hair on your tongue, in your teeth, or lodged down your throat? It’s disgusting and makes it hard to concentrate on the job at hand.

The third point is perhaps the biggest reason for shaving. Not only is it a huge turn on to see a clean shaven cock or pussy, but you will find you are a hell of a lot more sensitive down there as a result. Every touch and stroke seems to be better, and what could be bad about that?

The fourth and final point is specifically for you men. When you save your pubic hair, you will find that your dick looks a lot bigger. It is more impressive for you to look at, which can give you new confidence, and because it looks bigger your partner won’t be able to wait to get their hands on it! Result!

To shave or not to shave?

The choice is ultimately up to you. You might like the idea of walking around and being really sensitive to what is happening down there, or you might think that the itching of re-growing hair is just too much to please your partner.

If that is the case, you could always go for a trim. You can tidying it up down there to make it look more appealing, and some people will even get designs cut into the hair to give their partner something hot to look at.

Men seem to be divided down the middle about whether they like a clean shaven pussy or a hairy muff. What do you think? Are you a hairy muff man or a clean shaven pussy guy?

As for women, it can be a lot more fun to go down on a clean shaven guy. No rogue hairs getting in your throat and in your mouth make giving blowjobs a lot more fun, as you can concentrate on the task at hand instead of rooting them out.

What do you prefer? Let us know if you like things to be au naturel or you want everything to be fresh as a daisy by leaving a comment in the box below. Are you brave enough to bare all, or are you happy with things being the way they are? Let us know!

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