Happy St George’s Day!

April 23, 2014

So finally it is St George’s Day. This is truly one of my favourite days of the year, and a big reason I wrote this article yesterday (by the time you read this, I will likely be very drunk, having booked the day off) As a proud Englishman, it pleases me how the day has become more and more popular.

It hasn’t always been the case however. Back when I was growing up in the 1970’s, the flag of St George had been hijacked by the National Front. When these idiots said ‘I’m proud to be English’, it might as well have come with a tag line ‘and all immigrants can f*** off home’.

Now let’s get something straight ; the National Front never represented the vast majority of the nation, but they knew how to shout loud. Therefore most people were scared to say that they were proud to be English, at the risk of being labelled a racist.

Sexy woman in a red dress waving an English flag

While all this was going on, we saw the Scots, the Irish and the Welsh celebrate their national days, whilst we kept quiet about ours. I saw more English people happier to celebrate St Patrick’s day ahead of St George’s day.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating Irish culture, they are a great people, and I go out with my Irish mates on that day as well. But come on, be proud of your roots!

A Lot To Be Proud Of!

Now it seems OK to talk about the things that make us proud to be English. Things like the Welfare State, the standing tall against Nazi tyranny, and the great explorers who set off from these lands to discover new worlds.

Go to the pubs today, you will see a swathe of English flags. People will be partying, and having a great time. Pubs will be putting on good traditional English food, and you may even find women drinking bitter!

And guess what? The night won’t end up with everyone bricking the local curry house window. We have taken the flag back from the racists and the football hooligans. It is now a day of celebration, not exclusion.

Every country has got it’s dodgy history, which hopefully as a society we can learn from. It is all about focusing on the positives. And as a nation, we have a lot of them.

So my day will be spent drinking, getting food, sobering up, visiting a Birmingham escort, then more drinking.

Happy St George’s Day everybody!


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