Harder To Breathe: Experimenting With Breath Play

February 17, 2016

When you have that person you trust to do anything to you in the bedroom, you’re willing to go beyond your limits. You want them to push you, tease you, and bring you that intense level of pain to take you to the next level. A good master or dominatrix will know exactly when to stop, when to slow down, and when to go harder, but pain isn’t for everyone. That is why people are so eager to experiment with breath play and have their partner literally take their breath away.

Breath play is one of the biggest and most fun taboos to experiment with in the bedroom, but we need to advise caution. You shouldn’t even attempt breath play if you are on your own, or if you don’t totally trust your partner. If you do have that trust, then make sure you set up some kind of signal to let your partner know you need a break. Safe words don’t work too well with this kind of play, as often you can’t speak, and once you have this in play you can start experimenting and having fun!

Why we try breath play and safety tips

The whole point of trying autoerotic asphyxia, or erotic asphyxia, is to restrict your supply of oxygen while you have sex and orgasm. It is thought to make the orgasm more intense, and so people are really eager to try it out.

However, some people make the mistake of doing it alone. The problem with this is that, if it goes wrong, there is no-one there to help them out. They have to rely on themselves, and when you are panicking and struggling to breath, that can be difficult to do.

That is why you should always try breath play with someone else, and when you do, making sure you have something to hand to get you out of the situation quickly. The best way to stay safe with this kind of kinky play is to make sure you are conscious the entire time. If you pass out and don’t come back within a few seconds, you might not come back at all, so make sure your partner knows CPR… or better yet, never take yourself to that point. Breath play is fun, but you should try to keep it safe.

Mild forms of erotic asphyxia

Erotic asphyxia does not require you to have a plastic bag tied over your head by your partner or to hang yourself from the ceiling while they give you a blow job. There are actually plenty of mild ways to try breath play.

If you want to try it out, consider sticking to just kissing. You can try restricting your breathing in a number of ways. Your partner could plug your nose, so that you can only take a breath when you stop breathing. You’ll love the feeling of it, and the fact that you can simply pull away when you need to take a breath makes this quite safe.

Another form can be done during sex. Get your partner on top of you, and as they grind away on you, get them to place their hand on your throat, but without the pressure. They should then position their mouth just far enough away from your lips so that, if you want to kiss them, you have to put pressure on your throat. If it does get too much, they can simply drop their head back onto the bed.

Progressing from hands

Unfortunately, breath play can never be 100% safe, so you need to make sure you have steps in place in case it does go wrong. A good way to let your partner know when you are in distress is to keep your eyes on your master or mistress from the moment they start choking you. If your eyes drift, this gives them a signal that you need a little more air.

Some like to use ropes, but if you do try this, don’t tie them. Instead, just hold the rope to apply pressure. Another good way of trying it is with gas masks. Simply have a hose attached to it and use your hand or get your partner to restrict the airflow. If it gets too much, they can simply remove their hands, and the sight of them looking down at you while you have a gas mask on is sexy as hell.

Are you eager to try breath play? Perhaps you have some tips you want to share with others? You can join in the discussion in the comments.

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