High School Kid Suspended for Asking Miss America Out!

April 22, 2014

I always used to get into trouble at school. I was never bad, or a bully, far from it. I was just a bit of a smart arse who made jokes at the wrong time. The worst I ever got was a trip to the headmasters office. I certainly never got suspended.

It’s lucky I never went to the school in Pennsylvania where an 18 year old high school student got suspended for asking Miss America out on a date during a question and answers session.

Patrick Farves of Central York High School asked Nina Davuluri the question, and proceeded to walk up to the stage with a plastic flower. The beautiful young lady laughed, whilst the rest of the school chuckled away.

The fact that no offence had been taken didn’t stop the lad getting a three day suspension.

Davuluri was at the school to talk with students about diversity and the importance of science, technology, engineering and math studies.

The school say that all students are punished for breaking rules, and this is no different.

Over The Top

I find this all very strange and over the top. Yes, kids need discipline, but this all seems good natured banter. There is a big difference between these actions, and a kid slamming another kids head into a locker.

As for Miss America herself. Wow. She can grace the pages of the London escorts any time she likes.

Ask her out on a date? I would ask her to marry me!


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