Hot Sex Games For Couples

January 15, 2015

In a couple you can find that things get a little stale. Inevitably, you will find yourselves doing the same routine when it comes to sex. The same foreplay, the same positions, the same time scale.

You want to be able to mix things up a bit to bring that spice back into your life. There are some very easy ways that you can do this, and some require very little preparation. Take a read through XEscorts’s sex games for couples.


This one requires the two of you, a bed, and no clothes. Sit, or lie, beside each other. Have an egg-timer or a stopwatch to hand. Set the timer to thirty seconds and decide just who will go for. You can do this by flipping a coin if you are having trouble choosing.

Whoever is going first must set the timer off and then race to see if they can get the other person to orgasm in those thirty seconds. The chances are that you can’t, but you will be hugely turn on by the start and stop nature of this game. The person being pleasured cannot move – they simply sit back and enjoy the feeling.

When the timer buzzes, switch. Whoever was giving pleasure is now receiving it this time. Keep switching between you until either one of you orgasms or you can no longer take it anymore. The longer you keep going, the more fun it will be, and then you can take your time pleasuring each other afterwards.

Fantasy draw

Both of you should write down three fantasies you’d love to try sometime. Put them in a small box, shake them up, and sit down together. When you are both comfortable, choose one from the box and read it out.

Whoever wrote the fantasy should now explain to their partner just what their fantasy is and what they most like about this fantasy. Not only does it give you both the chance to learn what would really turn your partner on, but it allows you to openly talk about the things you might not usually be comfortable saying.

When you have finished talking about it, ask your partner if it is something they want to do. If they do, don’t be afraid of taking that chance. If it goes wrong then it is a funny story to laugh about another day‚Ķ but if it goes right it is something you can do again and again.

Turn normal games into sex games

The beauty of sex games is that you can make them out of anything. Why not play poker together and make it hot by turning it into strip poker? When you run out of clothes, you can try to distract your partner from their cards in any way you can think of.

Active games like Twister are also ideal for couples, as you can use the spots on the mat to try new sex positions, or just play naked twister. It will be a lot of fun for you both and give you the chance to just have fun, which is what sex should be about.

Do you have a favourite sex game to try with your partner? Why not share it with us? You can do this easily by leaving a comment down below.


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