How The World Reacted To Same-Sex Marriage In America

June 30, 2015

Unless you’ve been hiding in a hole for the last few days, you’ll know that on Friday the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, meaning that anywhere in the United States, gay couples can now finally get marriage.

As you can imagine, the world reacted in a big way. Gay Pride festivals that took place over the weekend became even bigger celebrations of all that they are and all they can be following the ruling, while supporters took to social media to shame those who felt the Supreme Court’s decision was wrong.

Here on the XEscorts blog we take a look at how the world reacted to the decision, and just what same-sex marriage in America might mean for the rest of the world.

Rainbows everywhere!

If you use social media at all, your eyes will have been assaulted by the many bright colours of the rainbow. Flags became profile pictures, and many people using Facebook applied the rainbow filter over their own pictures, which managed to make everyone look the same.

It might have seemed like nothing more than people jumping on the bandwagon, but it is actually one huge statement that they support same-sex marriage, and with the number of people doing it, it puts those doubting the movement to shame.

Well, it seems that some people wanted to fight back against it. Homophobes wanted a way to show their support of things like “family values”, and so someone created an app to allow you to put a Russian flag filter over your profile picture.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen many people using that! In fact, one website reports that a grand total of 83 people are using the filter, which might seem like a far higher number than we’d like, but millions are using the rainbow one.

Social media isn’t the only place you’ll have seen rainbows, as many landmark locations in America adopted the bright colours to mark this memorable occasion. Niagara Falls, Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World, the Empire State Building in New York, and the White House in Washington all changed their colours to show that love wins.

The unhappy Americans

Obviously, not everyone was happy about it. After all, why should we allow couples that love one another to get married? It’s such a ridiculous idea, right? Why should love win when we can continue to oppress people?

The Supreme Court’s ruling is being fought in some states, who believe that decisions such as this should be made on a state-by-state level, not by the powers that be for all of America. The Attorney General of Texas, Mr Ken Paxton, said that “no court, no law, no rule, and no words will change the simple truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Nothing will change the importance of a mother and a father to the raising of a child.”

My guess is that Paxton also believes that gay couples shouldn’t adopt. After all, gay parents adopting a child will then turn that child gay, since being gay is a choice. No straight parents have ever raised gay children, right?

Most of us believe this thinking is a bit ridiculous, and while some people out there might not agree with the decision, they know what they have to do. As the Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia states: “while I believe that this issue should be decided by states & legislatures, not the federal judiciary, I also believe in the rule of the law.” Well said, Mr Deal.

However, of all of the reactions on social media, I think my favourite has to be the huge number of Americans who are declaring that the “country is going to hell” and following it up with “moving to Canada”. Some of you might understand why, when I first saw posts like that, I started laughing. The people saying things like that are clearly unaware that same-sex marriage was legalized in Canada back in 2005, a whole ten years before America decided to allow it. Sure, guys, you go and move to Canada. Let’s see how that works out for you!

Gay couples married!

Shockingly, we are still here, and after an entire weekend of celebrating same-sex marriage, we haven’t faced the apocalypse and the world hasn’t ended. Some people are insistent that allowing same-sex marriage would lead to terrible storms, earthquakes, and even tsunamis as God judged us all for this horrific thing that we have done.

Some felt that same-sex marriage would change what their own marriage meant, and would make it meaningless. If someone else’s relationship status has that much of an impact on your own, then I would be more concerned about your own relationship, not the other person’s. As one social media user said: “Yesterday, I was in a monogamous, heterosexual, Christ-centered marriage. Then the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal nationwide, and today I’m still in a monogamous, heterosexual, Christ-centered marriage.”

This user went on to say that “It’s like the actions and choices of other consenting adults have no bearing on my life. Weird.” At least there are some out there who understand this very important point, and we’re hoping some will understand what this means for the sex industry too!

There were also people saying that couples who had only just met would then be rushing to the alter to get married, and while that might have happened in a Las Vegas-style moment, for many it is a case of older couples doing what they have been denied for so long. The first same-sex couple that were wed in Dallas were two men in the eighties, and they had been waiting for this chance since they first met in the 1960s. That is a long time to wait!

The celebrations of this huge event are probably going to go on for a very long time, and we’re hoping that more countries will allow it to happen. You can’t help who you love, so why should some people be denied the right to marry that person? How did you celebrate this weekend? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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