How To Beat The Average Sex Time!

April 15, 2015

It’s a struggle for many of you. You’ll jump through every hoop to get them into bed, go through all of the foreplay in the right way, and then as soon as you start having sex you’re desperately trying to hold in your load and stop yourself from blowing. All of your efforts are in bed were in vain as you spend your wad almost as soon as it begins.

At least, that is what the European Urology study suggests. We take a look at exactly what the study investigated, what the findings were, and what you can do to beat the average sex time.

The Premature Ejaculation Study

The Premature Ejaculation Study took data from five different countries and collated the information together to see if there was a pattern. They wanted to see if the factors for each country had an impact on male performance.

The United States of America, France, Germany, Italy, and Poland all took part, and the study took place over a period of 8 weeks.

The participants were men and women in relationships, and all participants were over the age of 18. The 457 couples were monitored in a variety of ways to work out the average time it would take a man to come, from the very start of penetrative sex all the way to ejaculation.

The results were varied, with the shortest time coming in at just under 3 and a half minutes, while the maximum recorded time was 44 minutes. However, the scientists then put together and worked out the average time for your sex sessions. It comes in at a low 9 minutes.

Nine minutes of passionate fucking before it is all over in a shower of spunk. Honestly, I’ve had foreplay sessions that last longer! So what can you do to last that little bit longer in bed.

Forget what you think you know

There are so many things that people say can help you last longer in bed. “Stop watching porn”, “think of something boring” and “resist masturbating” are the most common ones… and yet they could be a part of the problem.

The best way to look at this is to tackle these “solutions” one by one, and figure out why they might actually be part of the problem.

“Stop watching porn”. It is thought that watching porn will make it easier for you to blow your load in the bedroom, and that your partner just won’t live up to your fantasy. However, a study that we talked about last month proved that, actually, watching porn regularly enhances your erection and creates a greater desire for your partner.

That’s one myth busted! But what about “thinking about something boring”. Surely that works… right? Well, considering a lot of premature ejaculation issues start with anxiety, thinking of boring things like work or, more horrifyingly, your parents, can only make matters worse.

As for “resisting masturbating”, sure, it doesn’t feel the same as sex and will never be as amazing as sex, but actually jerking off a short time before you jump into bed with your partner can make a huge difference. You are much more likely to last longer in bed, having previously exhausted yourself, which makes it a lot more fun.
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Sex isn’t all frantic fucking

When you get really into your hot and steamy sex session, you might find yourself thrusting away as though your life depended on it. Shortly after, you come and your partner is left feeling disappointed because she didn’t quite get there.

When it comes to lasting longer in bed, you need to change how you think about sex. It doesn’t always have to be frantic fucking, and sex isn’t just dick in pussy. In fact all of the foreplay you enjoy doing, like burying your tongue in her wet pussy, can be a part of it. If you feel you are getting a little too close to ending things too quickly, take a step back to recover and help your partner get off instead.

You can take your time with sex. You might be tempted to fuck her so hard she starts screaming your name for the neighbours to hear, but that will only make you come quicker. Instead, vary your pace. You can go faster and harder or slow and gently. Not only will this drive your partner mad and make her start beginning you to make her come, but it also gives you a little recovery time without stopping completely.

Another thing that you should think about is the positions you use. Try to go for the positions that not only feel good for her, but also put your in control. Doggy style works well for this, as the angle with have her moaning in orgasm in no time, while you can control your thrusts by holding her hips and moving slowly.

Are you a nine minute man, or can you go for an entire forty four like the man mentioned earlier? Let us know in the comment box below. Maybe you have some tips you want to share, or you just want to talk to others about these important issues?

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