How To Make 69 Even Better!

September 8, 2015

Getting into 69 position feels like a real effort sometimes. You have to be careful where you move your legs so that no-one gets a knee to the head or unexpectedly whacked in the face with a hard cock, and then when you are in that position it can take a while before you get properly warmed up.

Many prefer to avoid the 69 position altogether, simply because it is such an awkward one to get into. It isn’t spontaneous, and that can be a huge turn off for many people. However, the 69 sex position is still a fun one to do, if you have the right tips and tricks to hand to make it even better.

Want to know how to make your mutual oral sex session even hotter? Check out the tips below.

Pay attention

Okay, we women get it. 69 is a great position because, while you are eating out our pussy, you get your cock sucked. It might feel like a win/win situation at first, but over time a lot of men will slowly stop what they are doing because they are too busy concentrating on what is happening to their cock.

The problem is that this will happen after only a few minutes, and usually the woman is still enthusiastically sucking away on your dick. If you have noticed that your licks and becoming lacklustre, you need to do something about it.

One way that you can concentrate and enjoy what they are doing to your cock is to move your mouth and tongue in time with theirs. As they speed up, you can too. This will keep your attention on your actions, while also giving you chance to feel every lick and suck and get totally lost in the moment… which is exactly what you want from your 69 session!

Keep in time

This ties in quite nicely to the previous tip, but if your hot and sexy partner is using her mouth to slowly and gently suck your cock, building you up to a very intense orgasm, you don’t want to be firing your fingers inside her like they are pistons. The difference in the speed can be a huge turn off.

If you think you are going too fast, try slowing it down a little bit. As with above, keeping time with their movements is a good way to do it, as you can feel every time they speed up or slow down, and they will usually move how they want you to. As you copy their movements, they might even speed up when they want you to go faster.

Should you want your partner to speed up a little and change the tempo, try telling them this. Say that you would love it if they sucked your cock a little faster and that it turns you on to hear them slurping. It might just convince them to add a little more speed to it.

Change the position

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that the 69 position is a pretty standard one. It is either the man on top with his cock dangling before the woman, or the woman is on top and is gobbling up the man’s dick while she pretty much sits on his face. There isn’t much room for manoeuvrability there, right?

Wrong. One of the huge reasons that people hate the 69 is because you end up with cramp or it is just very uncomfortable. For the one on the bottom you might be feeling a little crushed by your partner’s pussy or cock being thrust into your face. The one on the top must be in the same position for a long time, which can be tough for you to do.

A great alternative is to lie on your side and do it. It could simply be that you start out with a traditional blowjob or pussy-eating, before simply moving onto your side so that you can both be a little more comfortable. It is a nice way to change the position without requiring a lot of movement from either of you.

Don’t go for surprises

Something that many will think of doing during the 69 position is that they will try slipping a surprise finger in somewhere. It will usually be in the ass, but this doesn’t always go as well as you might hope it will. For a start, unless you have previously agreed that sticking a finger up the ass is something that they will enjoy, just don’t do it! Even if you get the urge, keep it in and talk about it at a later date, when your cock isn’t in their mouth.

A lot of people just don’t enjoy their ass being played with while they are getting oral sex, and even if they do, slipping a finger in there can really put them off. Is that what you want to do when there are a lot of teeth involved? Of course, this works both ways. If your partner starts tugging your balls a bit hard or squeezing your ass in a way you aren’t comfortable with, you should be able to tell them to stop. Simply say that you don’t like how it feels and that you much prefer their wet mouth on your cock. That should help to keep things on track.

Are you a fan of the 69 position, or do you tend to avoid it at all costs? Is it simply a position you don’t use? Have you got a favourite trick to try with the 69 position that you want to share? Or perhaps you have a twist on it that is even better than moving onto your side?

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