How Your Bed Can Help Your Sex Drive

August 18, 2015

When you have a low sex drive, everything else seems to go downhill with it. You will find that you are tired all of the time and you might even start to become really lazy, ordering more take outs than usual and not heading to the gym. It’s a downward spiral that you want to get out of fast.

However, recent studies have suggested that the best place to fix your sex drive is actually in bed… though it might not be in the way that you are thinking. Want to know more? Here on the XEscorts blog we tell you how your bed can help your sex drive.

Excuses, excuses!

We all know that, when women aren’t in the mood for sex, they will say something like “I’ve got a headache” to try and make it clear that there is no way you’ll be getting your leg over tonight. However, there has been a lot of evidence recently to show that having sex is actually a great way to cure a headache, especially if you have a mind-blowing orgasm to finish it off.

So women stopped using that as an excuse so much, and instead opted for something a little simpler. Instead of saying “I’ve got a headache, darling” to tell you that sex is not on the agenda, they have started to say “I’m tired” instead.

While your partner being tired tends to make you think that you could still get some, the reality is that, even if you did manage to, the effort and work would all be down to you. When someone is so tired that they don’t want sex, they will usually go to sleep instead of rolling around in the bed with you, which is a problem.

However, saying “I’m tired” is not just a little white lie that women are telling. In fact, there have been several studies throughout the years to show that “I’m tired” is a legitimate reason, and that people are so genuinely exhausted from their work that having sex is the last thing on their mind. A lack of sleep has many different effects, such as contributing to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease… is sex just another casualty on that list?

Sex and sleep

Unfortunately, sex is another casualty of a lack of sleep, as a pilot study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine this month discovered. The study, which looked at 171 young women, aimed to show just what a lack of sleep could do to your sex drive.

They found that sleep had a huge impacting, changing how the women wanted sex and also how easily they would become aroused by the prospect of it in the first place. If you can’t get her juices flowing, you need to take sex off the menu completely.

However, they noted that an extra hour of sleep could dramatically change things, with a 14% increase in the odds of getting your leg over the very next day. They also noted that that the women found it easier to become aroused, and that this made sex for them a hell of a lot better.

Yes, that is all from an extra hour of sleep, so is it time to set your alarms later and lie in bed for that little bit longer to try and fix your sex drive?

Sleep can help, but there are other methods

Having an extra hour in bed will fix a wealth of problems for you. For a start, when you are getting a good night’s sleep each night you will find yourself feeling more energetic for the day and perhaps not so tired at the end. That could be all that you need to get the kind of hot and passionate sex you’ve been waiting for!

It might be a good place to start, but relying totally on sleep to fix your sex drive is a bad way to go. For a start, that extra hour you spend napping in the morning could actually be used to do some other things to fix your sex drive without even having to leave the bed in the first place!

A quick cuddle might be a nice way to start off, as you get to feel the warmth of their body. From her you could try kissing their neck and seeing what impact it has. You might find that she presses her body against yours and you start to feel a rise in your cock as it responds to her warm ass on it.

You should also try massage before you go to bed. Get your partner to give you a thorough massage, front and back, preferably after a shower or a long bath. You will be totally relaxed and it will help to release all of the stress and tension you have been carrying with you since work. You can then move on to other things from there, as the feeling of their body touching you all over is sure to get a response from you!

Other bedroom techniques

Thankfully, there are a lot of other things that you can do in the bedroom to get your mojo kick started again and you might actually find that these methods all stem from getting a good night’s sleep.

A great method is to get physical in the gym. Perhaps go with your partner to your local gym and workout together. You might push yourselves that little bit further in an effort to impress and, when you get home to shower afterwards, you’ll both jump in together and find one thing leading to another. After all, don’t most men visit the gym purely to watch the sexy women in yoga pants while getting buff?

The slight change in routine from sleeping a little bit longer might be another good way to do it, but if you find that it doesn’t have the impact you were hoping for you might want to try something else. Why not have sex in a new place? Stay in the bedroom and maybe use the chest of drawers instead, keeping her tits bent over it while you fuck her hard from behind.

Have you found that your sex drive has dipped lately, or is it going as strong as ever? Maybe you have some great tips that you want to share with others? Hit the comments below.

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