Is Sex At Work Worth The Risk?

July 28, 2015

Sex at work

We’ve all got fantasies about fucking the office hottie, of dragging them into the storage cupboard and fucking them against the cabinet, or of sneaking into their office when everyone has gone home and having our wicked way with them on the table.

It’s a hot fantasy, one that millions share, and the idea of having sex in the office is on the sex bucket lists on many. The problem is that we keep hearing stories about people getting caught fucking in the office, and that leads to so many problems. Here on XEscorts we take a look at if sex at work is really worth the risk, and what you can do to lessen your chances of being caught.

What are the risks?

Sex in the office comes with many benefits, like having amazing sex in your place of work and putting a smile on your face whenever you see that mug with a chip in it from when you were mid-fuck and knocked it off of the table.

Of course, there is a huge risk with having sex at work. As with any kind of public sex, you run the risk of being caught.

You might think that getting caught having sex at work is no big deal. After all, you’ll hear someone coming a mile away and you can make things look “normal” before you get caught out, right?

When you get caught up in the moment and are happily fucking away, you tend to stop paying attention to your surroundings. You’ll only be caring about the person you are having sex with, so things like noises down the corridor won’t be a big issue to you… until they turn into the door opening. By then it is too late, and suddenly you’ve got a mysterious third person watching you have sex.

Getting caught

When you get caught, the best scenario is that the person who has discovered you will join in. Of course, this is something that happens only in sexy fiction, so that likelihood of someone joining your sex in the office is low.

On the other hand, it could be that you will simply all feel embarrassed about it, get dressed, and go back to work. You might never utter a word of it again, but you’ll find yourselves looking sheepishly at each other whenever you see those involved.

Of course, this is the best scenario. It could get worse. For a start, if your boss catches you, you could both end up in trouble. Sanctions at work are very much a reality, and so if you want to keep office sex to just you, make sure the boss isn’t around.

There is also the chance that you could lose your job. After all, the workplace is for professionals, and shagging your colleague in the office isn’t exactly professional behaviour. This is very much a reality no matter who catches you, as it can be reported to someone else. When you simply want to have some risky sex in the office, that isn’t something you really want.

Is it worth the risk?

Here on XEscorts we are pretty torn on this topic. If you think there is a good chance you could get away with having sex at work, then it is definitely worth the risk. However, if you are likely to get caught, we suggest not.

However, the problem with sex at work is that it is supposed to be risky, and that is part of the turn on. It is the same with any other public sex, and so there needs to be some element of risk to make it even more exciting.

When you having sex in public and there is the chance of you getting caught, it makes it even hotter. You will try your hardest to keep the noise down and will listen carefully to anyone nearby.

If someone does get a little close to your sexy office session, you might quickly redress and pretend to be going about your business. As you look at each other across the room you will feel yourselves getting more and more excited, and when the person leaves you will jump on each other and probably end up both finishing in no time at all.

How to avoid getting caught

There are a few different things that you can do in the office to make sure you don’t get caught. For a start, are there any secluded places you can go? For some, if the toilets at work are big enough, you can both sneak in there and fuck away until you hear someone come in. Of course, this is probably the least sexy place you can do it. After all, you’re having sex over a toilet, and if others come in then you will get to hear the sounds of them pissing and shitting. Definitely a boner-losing moment!

If you have your own office, this might be the better option. Locking the door pretty much guarantees you won’t be disturbed, unless someone else has a key and is willing to use it. It also means you have an entire room to fuck in, and the privacy you get from it makes it even better.

However, the best way to avoid getting caught having sex at the office is to wait until the end of the day. People will run off quickly to get home, especially at the weekend, so you will have the entire office to yourselves! Just check that the security cameras won’t get you and you will be good to go!

Have you ever had sex at work? Do you have an office romp story you can share with us? Leave a comment in the box below.

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