Learning About Liverpool!

January 27, 2014

Liverpool is a very famous city which is situated in Merseyside, England. It goes along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. Liverpool attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year who visit England, primarily because of the beautiful scenery and most importantly, the football scene. Liverpool is very famous for its football club; Liverpool FC, which has not only won European Championships, but is a challenger for the Premier League Crown. Fans of the club often visit the historic Anfield Stadium. Another Premier League club by the name of Everton FC is also located here, and there is a very healthy rivalry between the two clubs at all times. Everton’s stadium is Goodison Park. However, there’s more to the city than just the stadiums. Last year, the population of the city was around 466,415. For a lot of people who are visiting England, one of the most important places to visit is Liverpool primarily because of its historic influences, as well as the football scene. Apart from that, numerous famous music artists have also originated from Liverpool.

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Now, for people who are traveling to England and visiting Liverpool in the process, the experience can be further enhanced if you really have an idea about the city’s historic significance and deeply rooted history. There are numerous old buildings here and historic places to visit, and unless you really know what role they played in the pages of history, you won’t be able to truly appreciate the significance of this famous city. Here’s a brief history of Liverpool:

History of Liverpool

Historically, Liverpool came in to existence back in 1207 when the letters from King John in 1207 were revealed, announcing the creation of a borough by the name of Liverpool. However, till the early 16th century, the population of the area was still under 500, which meant little development. Then, by the 17th century, progress began to take place in the growth of population and trade began to slowly rise. Battles were also fought for the town, especially during the English Civil War, and then, by 1699, the city had begun to initiate its slave trading business. As trade grew with the West Indies, Liverpool began to grow rapidly.

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Such was the growth of this city that by the beginning of the 19th century, around 40% of the total trade in the world was going through the ports of Liverpool, and the profits generated from trade were utilized directly in to the construction of numerous buildings within the region. Rise in the population also continued as migrants from Ireland began to settle in the city during the Great Famine. Until the 20th centuries, Liverpool was attracting migrants from all over the world, and this mixture of beliefs and cultures is evident from the numerous religious buildings that are located all across Liverpool. Liverpool was also bombed during the Second World War, resulting in the killing of around 2,500 people. More importantly, Liverpool was also the port of registry for the ill-fated RMS Titanic, which sank on its maiden voyage.

Tourism in Liverpool

There are a number of different places for people to visit in Liverpool. Starting from the olden Tudor buildings which were constructed back in the 16th century and going all the way to the contemporary architecture of today, there’s lot of places to visit in Liverpool. The historic significance of Liverpool can be gauged from the fact that numerous parts of the city have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of the oldest buildings worth visiting is the Speke Hall Tudor Manor House, while the famous Liverpool Cathedral is also worth visiting. The famous Victoria Street and Matthew Street are great for tourist shoppers as well. One of the most beautiful buildings in the region is the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, which is one of many religious buildings in the area. The Al Rahma Mosque is another place to visit for those who want to see amazing architectural feats.

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