London Strippers Are Holding A Wake!

August 2, 2016

A sexy pole dancer representing strippers

When people want to get kinky, they think of stripping. They might ask their partner to provide a sexy strip tease for them, sitting down on a chair and enjoying the dancing with the removal of clothes slowly to tease them. However, a lot of people instead decide to visit a strip club. Inside they will find lots of sexy strippers eager to show off their moves.

If you have ever been to a strip club then you’ll know how hot it is. The strippers seem to know exactly what you want, and the way that they move their bodies is a huge turn on. However, strippers tend to divide audiences. Some people think that they are tempting you to have an affair, while others simply see it as a beautiful form of entertainment.

Stripping is one of the sexiest things that you can both watch and do. It feels fantastic, looks amazing, and is a huge turn on for many of us. However, London strippers are hitting the headlines as they are doing something a little bit unusual with their talents… they are holding a wake.

What makes stripping sexy?

There are some out there who struggle to understand why we love watching strippers so much. It is all well and good them speculating, but they have to hear it from those who have actually been to strip clubs… or from the sexy strippers themselves!

Basically, we love seeing ladies being and feeling sexy. We are turned on by the way they dance and work on the pole, and when the clothes start to come off, we get excited. We want to see their boobs and ass without any clothes in the way, and the fact that we can’t touch is even more of a turn on.

Instead we just look at their figure, memorising each curve and trying to keep our hands to ourselves. It is a never-ending tease for us, as you find yourself staring at them. The ladies have total control over you, and the fantasy of being unable to touch them makes it even more enticing for us.

That is why a lot of people in relationships visit strip clubs. They can look, but they can’t touch. They get to stare at sexy figures that do not belong to their partner, and they can let themselves get as turned on by them as possible because the rules state that they cannot touch them.

A sexy stripper shaking her ass

Original source: Tumblr

Why a wake?

The idea of London strippers holding a wake is interesting. People want to know why a wake, what it is for, and when so that they can watch and join in. We usually think of wakes when someone dies, but it isn’t someONE who is being mourned… it is someTHING.

The White Horse has been a favourite strip club in London for many years, and after 38 years, it is closing down. The event, known as RIP Shoreditch, will take place on the 14th August at 6pm to honour the club. The funeral procession is set to begin in Rivington Street and follow the roads until they reach the Red Gallery.

Many of the great strip clubs in London are closing down, and the strippers and clientele feel that it is only right to honour them… but people are a little put off by the idea. They think that it is really unusual to hold a wake for a building… so who is behind the idea?

The East London Strippers Collective

Strippers often get a bad rep. Really, all they want to do is have some fun. They want to dance, teasing those in the audience by working the pole and taking off their clothes. Instead, people like to make up their own reasons for people to strip. They think that the act exploits women and gives men all of the control… when really, it is the ladies dancing who have the power.

One group aims to change that. Calling themselves the East London Strippers Collective, or the ELSC for short, they “aim to promote the self-organisation of strippers / lapdancers in London and the UK”, as well as “challenge societal attitudes towards stripclub activity”. You can learn a little more about them with the video below:

They are the ones behind the wake. They want people to realise that traditional strip clubs like The White Lion closing down means that strippers have less choice when it comes to the places that they can work. Because people don’t like the idea of consenting adults going to a strip club to watch a dance, they want to get rid of them completely. Personally, I think that those who aren’t fans of strip clubs should actually go to one and enjoy a dance. It might just change their minds!

My strip club experience

Strip clubs are a fantastic place to go, and this is coming from personal experience. My first time in one, I honestly had no idea what to expect. We went out for a friend’s birthday, and she decided that she wanted to enjoy a dance.

The club that we ended up in was small, with plenty of sexy ladies around to admire. We ended up all sitting close to the main pole, and when the first stripper started dancing on it, we were mesmerised. The best thing is that the dance on the pole is just a preview of how sexy they can be, so when the ladies started talking to us, a few of us decided to enjoy a dance with them.

It was one hell of an experience. I was led into a room, hidden behind a curtain, and placed on a seat. Then she started to dance, slowly taking off every item of clothing that she had. It is still one of the sexiest experiences I have had, as I could see every inch of her body as she danced. However, because there was no touching involved, it was like the longest tease. When it was finished, she slipped back into her clothes and those of us who had enjoyed a dance walked around in a bit of a daze, feeling incredibly turned on by what we have seen.

A sexy stripper slides down a pole

Original source: Tumblr

What do you think about stripping?

If you have ever had a dance from a stripper, you’ll know how sexy it can be. It is a huge turn on for us, as it is the ultimate tease. If you haven’t, then you are missing out.

But we want to hear from you. Do you think holding a wake for a strip club is a good idea and a great way to get noticed, or is it just a strange thing to do? One thing is certain: they are getting attention… but is it the right kind?

What is your experience of strip clubs like? Has it been positive? You can let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below. Tell us all about the first strip tease you ever got in a strip club and what it is you love about the clubs.

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