A Look At Penis Enlargement

April 30, 2014

Almost everyone has seen the ads for products that say they can enlarge a man’s penis. You see these in plenty of places like magazines, newspapers and even ads in drug stores in certain countries. Do they work?

A hilarious example of penis extensions is when we catch Austin Powers with a penis pump at the airport during the famous film. This and many other products saturate the market, such as in the form of a pill, and they are all promising more inches. There are some people who swear by them, yet many shun them.

Here, XEscorts takes a look at penis enlargement.

Pills and Pumps

For those places where there’s no shame about showing you anything, you can see the ‘before’ and ‘after picture’ of a man’s penis and how big you can make it with these products.

As proof that the product works , it’s usually posted right on the side of the box for everyone to see. The pumps are usually cylindrical parts that you insert your penis in and hand pump to make your penis swell to a bigger size. The makers of these products claim quick fixes and natural improvements.

Penis enlargement pills are also sold in the same way, and available to buy right off the shelf with claims that they use natural ingredients imported from around the world.

Do They Work?

As we might have figured, there is no proof that any of these things work. It is said time and time again that they are not effective at all. They work off of persistence and the psychology that they might work. This is enough to increase sales of these products. This applies to both the pumps and the pills or anything else that claims to do the same.

There are however, other methods that are more natural and do seem to make a difference in size. These are all very much the same methods that are very much at the centre of overall improvements and daily maintenance of your health, and these are:

Exercise– It is recommended that you get the blood flowing. The circulation of blood through the system travels to the areas that matter the most in this case. This means that during arousal, you may see a difference.

Lose Weight – If you have a big belly then this will obscure your penis size and this certainly makes a difference. You also have more flexibility and less obstruction during intercourse.

Lower Cholesterol – When it comes down to it, it comes down to blood flow. Changing your diet will do wonders for bigger size where you can feel the difference when you get an erection.

There is no quick fix here as you can see. Endurance and flexibility are the natural ways of enlargement.

What Women Want

So yes, money is getting thrown away with those products because even in the case where you are able to get a little bit more length, the increase is modest and temporary.

Many men will go for surgery, which does nothing more than give you a deformed penis. Really, if that is the end result that you’re looking for than you’ve gotten what you’ve paid for.

Another good thing for insecure guys is that studies have shown that women do not find a larger penis that important. As a matter of fact the majority of women are happy with an average size, and good skills.

If it is those skills you are looking to improve, why not visit one of our escorts in Malmo, who can surely give you a few pointers that will teach you how to really please a woman, with or without any enlargement products.


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