Love Ass? Here Are The Best Ways To Play

December 3, 2018

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Who doesn’t love a gorgeous butt to look at? Not many people. But there are far more things you can do with a bum than simply stare at it. If you know what you’re doing, there are some great way for ass lovers to play.

If you love ass and have been wondering what you can do to get full enjoyment from it, look no further! Here on the XEscorts blog, I take a look at some of the best ways to play with the butt.

Butt massage

The best way to show your partner that you really appreciate their ass is to get hands on with it. Stroking it and squeezing it might feel good for you, but you could make it feel even better for them. Why not treat them to a butt massage?

If you love touching them, then you’ll love touching their ass as you give them a massage. You can use all kinds of things to do it, but I would suggest getting a massage candle for the job. The wax melts to become a gorgeous warm massage oil, perfect for rubbing on their ass!

You can really get stuck in with a butt massage, but make sure you aren’t too rough! If you want to let the massage lead into something else, be a bit lighter with your touches. You don’t want to spoil the fun for later!

Why not make them feel good by touching their butt?

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Anal fingering

Many people find themselves moving naturally on from a butt massage to anal fingering. If you love ass, this is the chance to really get to know your partner better. Of course this isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t like their ass being touched like that, so get permission first! Don’t surprise them with a finger up the butt and expect them to be okay with it.

If they are, you’ll want to take your time. Yes, you might really want to bury your finger (or fingers) into their tight hole, but it isn’t so simple. They need a bit of warming up first, and just how long this takes might differ from person to person.

Lube up your finger and start by slowly teasing the hole with it. Run your finger softly around the hole, gently pressing the digit to the hole when you have spent enough time there. At first you’ll likely only be able to get the tip in. Over time you can go further, but make sure you use plenty of lube!

Anal fingering can be a lot of fun!

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If the anal fingering goes well, you might find yourself incredibly tempted to do something naughty. You might want to bury your face between their ass cheeks and kiss it. After all, if you love ass then you’ll really want to get stuck in there and make them feel good.

Rimming can feel amazing when done correctly. The key is, like with many aspects of anal play, to go slow. Don’t just bury your face and thrust your tongue deep inside and expect them to be okay with it.

Use the flat of your tongue to lick the entirety of the asshole. You can then use the tip to tease the rim, making them feel good. If you are so inclined you can then dip the tip of your tongue into their tight hole. Found that your tongue is getting tired? Press your face further into their ass. It’ll take your tongue closer and save you the ache.

If you love ass, why not kiss it?

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Tease with toys

It doesn’t have to just be your body that you use in anal play. There are so many options open to you, and if you love ass then you’ll likely already know about the best anal sex toys out there.

Like many aspects of anal play, lube is important. Make sure you get a lube compatible with your toys! If you aren’t sure, go for water-based lube. This is compatible with condoms and toys, making sure you don’t ruin the fun by using the wrong lube.

You’ll also want to go for toys with a flared base. Butt plugs are perfect for this. If you get the right butt plug it’ll look great! Take a look at the gif below. It looks sexy as hell, right? No wonder we love ass when butt plugs can look so good!

Butt plugs and anal toys are great

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There are many different ways that you can appreciate a fine ass. We can touch it, kiss it, or play with it in other ways. However, sometimes you just want to see it jiggle. If so, spanking might be perfect for you to try.

Spanking is a fantasy for many people, but make sure you speak to your partner before you bring your hand to their fleshy ass. You’ll also want to use caution at first. You need to gauge their pain tolerance level, and if you immediately start wailing on their ass, you can’t.

Use the flat of your hand and lay one slap upon their ass. Ask them how that felt. Work your way up slowly, and try to alternate between cheeks. Too many spanks on one side can cause a lot of pain, so discuss the limits to make sure you don’t go too far.

Spanking is incredibly sexy

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Love ass? Take care of it!

The first time I tried any kind of anal play it went badly. Not only did my partner not ask for permission (a huge no-no!) but they didn’t use lube. It hurt a lot and really put me off of the experience. However, having a caring and understanding partner can make a huge difference. Not only did they love ass, but they always wanted to make it the most pleasant experience possible.

Remember to take your time and focus on your partner’s enjoyment. It might sound simply, but these rules often get forgotten in the moment. Keep talking to your partner and you’ll see just how much they love it!

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