How To Make Anal Sex More Pleasurable

August 31, 2017

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Anal is still something of a taboo, even in this day and age. But the problem with making something taboo is that it simply tempts people to try it. Because we are told not to want something, we want to know what the big deal is. We want to try it out for ourselves. However, anal sex can be uncomfortable and painful if it is done wrong.

The key, therefore, is to get it right. But the web is filled with so much anal advice that figuring out what is actually useful is tough. So here on the XEscorts blog we have put together our guide on how to make anal sex more pleasurable, so that you and your partner can have an amazing time.

You need to prepare

This is one of the more common pieces of advice that you will see when people talk about getting anal right. You can’t just slip your cock straight into their ass and be done with it. It takes a little more than that, and so you will need to ensure you are ready.

Anal training is important. You’d be amazed at the number of people who think sticking a finger in the ass is enough to prepare their partner for cock. It isn’t. You will need to do way more than that if you want to have anal without tearing your partner’s ass apart.

Get toys like anal beads and anal plugs. There are even a number of stores selling toys specifically designed to help stretch the ass in preparation for a cock. This is a long process, one that might take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, so make sure you are willing to wait.

Lube is another essential, but people are often tempted to buy numbing lubes so that it isn’t so painful when your slip your cock inside. However, if it is painful then it is a sign that your body is not ready and that you need to spend more time on training. Numbing lubes mean that you can’t listen to your body, and so you might push things too far and do some damage without realising it.

Oil-based lubricants are not a good mix with condoms or anal toys, as they can actually break down the material, leading to tears. Not what you want! Instead, try sticking with water-based lube. It can dry out quickly and get sticky, but it doesn’t take much to apply a little more, and it is friendly to your toys and condoms.

Without being properly prepared, you'll find that it isn't a pleasant experience

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A massage can help

Foreplay is important for any sex, but it is especially important for anal. The chances are that you and your partner are a little bit tense, and so helping each other to relaxing is going to make things so much better for you both. You’ll be more turned on and better prepared for what is to come.

Not sure what to do? Go for a slow and sensual massage. Massages are great, as they give you the chance to get hands on with your partner’s body, and you can really work their muscles to help them relax.

They’ll get used to your hands wandering all over, and so it won’t feel weird when your hands slip to their ass. You can spend a little bit of time here rubbing their cheeks and spreading them, and over time your partner will find that they are ready for things to go a little further.

This is where you pull out the lube and the toys. Even if you have been training up to cock, it is still a good idea to use toys first. If they are tensing up again you’ll be able to tell and so can go in for another sensual massage if they need it.

When they are ready and say that they want more, this is the time to grab the condoms, lube up, and get ready to ease into them for some amazing anal sex.

A little massage goes a long way!

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Slow and steady

In porn the man will be able to instantly slip his cock into his partner’s ass and pound away for hours on end. In real life, this isn’t how it works. You’ll need to go slowly at first while your partner adjusts to your cock.

While you are slowly easing in and out of their ass, you can stroke their body. You could even ask them to touch themselves and make it feel good, before copying what they are doing. It’ll show that you want this to feel amazing for the both of you.

The standard position for many tends to be doggy style, but this might not be the best for you. Why not try spooning instead? You’ll be able to reach around a lot easier, making for great anal sex. There is also the cowgirl position if your partner would prefer to be in charge, and while it can take a little longer to get into this position, you’ll find that it is incredibly pleasurable for you both.

When it comes to anal sex, people often panic because the ass is where shit comes from, and the chances are that you are going to experience a little mess when you fuck anally. If it happens, don’t make a big deal of it. Simply wipe it off, go shower together, and be relaxed. If you freak out about it, it is going to spoil the experience when it isn’t really something your partner can control. An enema can help, but often these cause irritation which can make it very unpleasant. So have some wipes to hand and be prepared to jump into the shower if you need.

It is the little things that all add up to make incredible anal sex. Being prepared, taking things slowly, finding the right position, and being patient go a hell of a long way. Listen to your partner and what they say about the positions that work best for them. Struggling to find some? Why not ask in the comment box below for some other anal sex positions?

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