Man Wakes Up: Finds Testicles Missing!

March 2, 2015

It sounds like something from a horror story. A man innocently falls asleep, only to wake in the morning and find he is missing two very important things. Unfortunately this isn’t a joke, as one Russian TV presenter found on a night out. Feel free to keep them covered, boys.

A regular night out

For the Russian TV presenter Dmitry Nikolaev, it all started as a pretty standard night out. He headed to his local bar and had some drinks, where an attractive blonde woman approached him and the two started talking.

After a bit of flirting, they decided to go to a local sauna, where he enjoyed another drink. Being in a sauna with an attractive woman who wasn’t his wife proved too much, as Nikolaev and this mysterious blonde decided to make it even hotter in there.

They started kissing, continued to drink, and then kissed some more. After a while, it seems that Nikolaev passed out.

The not pleasant surprise!

After a while, Nikolaev came to. He immediately notices that he is in a lot of pain and there there is blood all over his pants. He heads to the hospital to get himself checked out, still none the wiser about what has gone on.

At the hospital, he was told the bad news that, actually, it isn’t just a little bit of pain he is suffering with.

When interviewed later on he stated that he “thought it was just a cut” which suddenly became a lot worse when “doctors told [him his] testicles had been removed.” Ouch!

Sinister circumstances

For Nikolaev it has been a nasty shock, as you can imagine, but it doesn’t simply end there. He apparently spent several hours in the intensive care unit of the hospital, where he received two operations to close the wounds to his testicles.

If that wasn’t bad enough, doctors also revealed that the woman who took his balls was probably doing it for a reason. They suggested that, not only was the procedure done with “surgical precision”, leading them to believe that the woman had medical training, but they were most likely going to be sold on the black market.

That’s just adding insult to injury!

Second thoughts

This is just another reason we need to be careful on nights out. Don’t go off with strangers, especially if they want to feed you countless amounts of beer and take you to a sauna. Otherwise, you could end up like poor Dmitry Nikolaev.

The idea that this is something happening out there is a little worrying. How do you feel about this story? Will it make you take a little more caution with you on nights out, or will you simply continue to do what you always do?

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