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January 16, 2014

Manchester is one of the largest cities of England, and has a population of more than half a million people. A lot of people who are about to visit Manchester often ask me about the best places to visit in the city, and I’m often telling them a lot of places that they don’t know. Manchester, unlike London, is not as large but it still houses an impressive array of attractions for tourists who are looking to visit this beautiful city. Similar to London, the history of Manchester extends hundreds of years back; going back to the time of the Romans. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century when Manchester began to establish itself as a sprawling city. Before that, it was still regarded as a manorial township.

The History of Manchester

Manchester was first ruled by the Brigantes, a tribe of Celtic which settled in the area where the Manchester Cathedral is currently located. However, as the Romans took over Britain in the 1st century, the fort of Mamucium was constructed in the year 79. Hence, from this time period forthwith, the area of Central Manchester has seen people. However, the Romans didn’t stay in Manchester for very long; by the 3rd century, Manchester was virtually abandoned.


The famous Manchester Cathedral, as it stands today, was first constructed back in 1421, when the lord of the manor, Thomas de la Warre took over the area. One of the most defining places in Manchester is the Library of Chetham, which was first opened to the public back in the year 1653. It stands to this day, and people still use it as a public reference library. Moreover, this is also the oldest free public reference library that stands in the United Kingdom at present.

Throughout the Industrial Revolution, Manchester was primarily associated with the spinning of cotton. Cotton spinning during the Industrial Revolution primarily took place in the towns located in North Cheshire as well as south Lancashire. Throughout the Victorian time period, Manchester was also known as Warehouse City and Cottonopolis, which gives a clear idea about its historic importance.

During the Second World War, the area of Manchester was also heavily bombed, similar to other parts of England. Numerous factories in Manchester that used to primarily were converted to making bombs during the War. After the War, however, Manchester thrived as a sprawling metropolitan city and has expanded significantly since that time.


Tourism in Manchester

If you are a tourist visiting Manchester, the first and foremost places to visit is the official stadium of Manchester United, one of the largest football clubs in the world. It is safe to say that the spirit of football runs deep within the natives of this area. There are two big football clubs in Manchester; Manchester United and Manchester City. Both of these have been around for more than a century, and as a result, a very healthy rivalry exists between the natives.

However, apart from the Old Trafford stadium, which is home to the Manchester United Football Club, there are several other places within Manchester which are worth a visit. The Ritz is a great hotel in Manchester, and provides five star amenities to visitors. There’s the Manchester Arena that you can visit, as well as the Palace Theater. Those who are interested in scientific developments will like to visit the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. The Manchester Opera House is also a beautiful building that has been around for quite some time and hosts regular shows.

Manchester houses some of the oldest buildings within England, and the well-designed roads and streets provide a great walking experience. You can take the local train or the cab service in order to move around this bustling city. Some extremely big shopping centers are also located in Manchester, making it an ideal place for tourists.

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