Max Clifford Jailed For Eight Years Sex Attacks

May 2, 2014

Here at XEscorts, we have been keeping up to date with the celebrity sex offence cases. We have watched with interest as cases against the likes of Bill Roache and Nigel Evans MP, have fallen flat on their faces, with what turned out to pretty poor cases. Still, we held fire on any accusation of a celebrity witch hunt, as that term can be used to brush real cases under the carpet.

A Guilty Verdict

This is why we found it so interesting when publicist Max Clifford got found guilty earlier in the week.. To be fair, after watching all the other cases fall apart, and the length of deliberations, many are pretty shocked that he got nailed.

Today he starts an eight year prison sentence and it seems that justice has been done.

For me, a lot of questions have been raised over the last two years. Did celebrities think they could get away with anything at a certain point in time? Should alleged offenders get anonymity until convicted, instead of being convicted in the court of public opinion?

One thing I am certain about though, is that we shouldn’t be putting all these cases in the same basket. When all these people were arrested, people were convinced that there was most certainly going to a pervert celebrity coming to a prison near you soon.

As all these cases (bar Stuart Hall) were being thrown out by the CPS, or people were found not guilty, then, ever the turncoats, vast swathes of the public began to think everyone was innocent.

The truth will be somewhere in-between. There will be dodgy people out there who need to be brought to justice. Yet there are also people who are looking to stick celebrities and get a pay off. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but when you have someone saying that the guy who played Mike Baldwin is Corrie warned them that Roache was a pervert, but then it came out that Mike Baldwin hadn’t even joined the show at the time of the alleged attacks, then you know there is something wrong.

Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris starts his trial on May 6th. For many, this is the most interesting case, as Harris was loved by all. I just hope that no-one prejudges what will happen.

If he is guilty I hope he goes down for a long time. If he is innocent I am gutted he has had to go through this terrible time.

For me, it is really that simple.


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