Mile High Club Couple Caught Out!

January 26, 2015

Joining the mile high club is a fantasy for many people. The idea of having sex on a plane, with others around, is a huge turn on for many. The risk of being caught only adds to the thrill, and people will often take the chance to try it.

However, when it goes wrong you can end up in a lot of trouble, as one couple found out on their Air Canada flight.

Halfway through the flight

One of the passengers on an Air Canada flight to Halifax noticed unusual behaviour from two other passengers and called one of the flight attendants over to alert them. The attendant, John Dunn, went to see exactly what was going on.

He was told that the passengers were planning to “join the mile-high club” and so headed over to investigate more thoroughly.

Dunn found Mr Chase and Ms Lander, the two passengers he had been told about, in their seats.

“Perfectly innocent!” you might say. “They haven’t got up to the bathroom yet!” Well, this couple decided they were going to try and join the club while still in their seats, as a coat was lying across their laps.

If this wasn’t enough to tell Dunn that they were up to something, then the fact he could see Lander’s G-string and Chase’s hand moving up and down in her lap was enough to let him know what was really going on.

Things escalated

As you can imagine, Dunn wasn’t very impressed by what was going on. If I worked on a plane and had to deal with couples trying to get it on regularly, I don’t think I’d be happy either!

Dunn told them “to stop this now” as it was “inappropriate”, before ordering the two to get themselves dressed. Lander was apparently asked to “put her breasts back inside her bra” before the two randy passengers were separated for the remainder of the flight.

Unfortunately, if you try to join the mile high club and get caught, a stern telling off isn’t all that you are going to face. After all, you have just tried to have sex in a very public place.

When the captain of the flight heard what had happened, he alerted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and asked them to meet the plane when it landed.

The RCMP escorted the two from the plane to interview rooms, to get to the bottom of what happened. However, while Chase was perfectly well behaved, Ms Lander became aggressive and attacked the officers escorting her.

For Chase, it was a simple charge of an indecent act, while Lander got that and more! Ms Lander is facing additional counts of committing an act of mischief, causing a disturbance, and the more severe, assaulting a police officer.

Why react this way?

In a way, I get it. If you have had a fantasy you want to fulfil for a long time, you might get angry if someone were to stop you. However, is attacking a police officer the right response? No.

Trying to join the mile high club is extremely risky, and is any fantasy really worth this? I think the only way the mile high club would be possible would be on a very empty flight or on a private jet.

What are your experiences with the mile high club? Have you ever uncovered fellow passengers at it, or are you one of the lucky ones to successfully join the club? Tell us your story by posting in the comment box below.


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