Mind Blowing Oral Sex Tips You Need To Know!

August 20, 2015

Oral sex is a lot of fun, especially when you know what you’re doing. We women love having a guy between our thighs lapping away at our clit and making us come, but all too often men are a little clueless when it comes to oral sex. If that is you, read on.

You can get better at oral sex in no time at all, and a lot of the things that you can do won’t require that much effort from you while still giving your partner the ultimate amount of pleasure. That sounds like a win to us!

Turn off the lights

You will know that getting a very unenthusiastic blowjob is a huge turn off that can sometimes lead to your boner going down. If you aren’t going to do it properly, you probably shouldn’t do it at all. But this works the other way around, and women hate nothing more than knowing their partner is going down on them when they don’t enjoy it.

Try to show a little enthusiasm, even if you have to fake it. She might be so wrapped up in the sensations of your tongue on her clit that she might not actually be looking on her face. Work on getting her off and you might not even have to fake it.

However, if you really do have trouble letting go and just enjoying what you are doing because you worry about them watching you, you should try turning off the lights. It might make a huge difference and allow you to eat her out without worrying about what kind of face she is pulling at you if you don’t enjoy it.

Conserve your energy

There is another key problem that a lot of men encounter when they are giving oral sex to their hot and sexy lady, and that is that they will go in full-steam ahead and waste all of their energy in the first few minutes of oral, leaving them with a few lacklustre licks and a feeling of disappointment.

When it comes to oral sex, you should remember that we women enjoy the building of tension and the slowly growing sensitivity that it gives us, so instead of going straight for it in the hope you’ll make us come in just a few minutes, you should take it slowly.

First get her into a comfortable position, perhaps with a pillow under her ass to bring her pussy up and closer to your face. Then tease her, slowly licking around her entire pussy before laying gentle and soft kisses on her clit. It will drive her wild! When she starts to squirm underneath you and starts moaning louder, you know you are on the right track so keep going. You’ll find that you waste less energy this way and you can still show her a great time with your tongue.

Suck her right back

Although it is called a blowjob, we pretty much all know that trying to give one without sucking just doesn’t work. It seems like you can’t be bothered to put any real effort in, and it is the same for women and oral sex. We want a little bit of sucking too, so don’t be afraid to do it.

However, with women you need to remember that their clit is very sensitive, and if you suck too hard you might actually cause them pain. That’s going to make sure they never let you near their pussy again, so don’t go at it too hard.

Instead, start slowly and gently, as though you want to tease her. She isn’t an ice lolly that you want to devour, you just want to make her feel good. Keep it slow and steady and you will be rewarded with lots of moaning and groaning.

Letters are fine if you repeat them

A tip that you will read a lot on the internet is that, if you are struggling with the technique, you should simply start going through the alphabet with your tongue. There is this belief that, by spelling out your ABCs with the tip of your tongue, you will have her screaming in pleasure.

The problem with this is that a lot of women actually need steady stimulation to get off, so doing the alphabet might help her get excited, but then she will quickly get bored when you move onto another letter that just doesn’t work for her.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go spelling out every letter of the alphabet in a bid to find the one that works for her. It could be that you find it very early and that “a” is the letter to get her off, but it might take some time and you’ll discover that “o” is the way to go. Whichever letter you find works for her, stick with it and she will reward you with plenty of moaning and screams of your name.

Positions make a huge difference

Oral sex can get boring. It feels like there is only so much you can do, which can be particularly irritating for you, and she might get bored of simply lying on her back and letting you do your thing. Maybe what you should be doing instead is trying out some different positions.

Instead of sticking with her on her back and you in between her legs, get on her your face. Lie back and have her hover her pussy over your mouth. This is a great position, especially if you have a partner who is very sensitive down there, as she can control just how hard you lick and fuck her with your mouth. As an added bonus she might even suck your cock. Result!

What are your favourite oral sex tips? Do you consider yourself a sex god in bed, or are you a bit of an amateur trying to learn the ropes?

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