‘Mistress’ Stripped and Beaten Up In China!

July 29, 2014

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well that was was certainly taken to the extreme on a video which has gone viral on Chinese social media this week.

The attack reportedly occurred outside a karaoke bar in China’s south-eastern city of Yulin, Guangxi province. The woman was stripped and given a kicking by four women, amid claims she was having an affair with one of her assailants partners.


The victim who wore a black top and grey leggings before being stripped is seen curling up on the floor, shielding her chest as the other woman undress her.

This all came to public knowledge on Chinese blogging site ‘Weibo’.

Group shaming of mistresses is commonplace in the country, but even by those standards this seems to have been rather extreme.

“I think this is a bit overboard,” wrote one online user. “Even if she was a mistress, she can’t be solely to blame and shouldn’t have been treated this way. Her attackers should be punished.”

Why Did No-one Help?

What I can’t understand is why all the people who were filming this didn’t jump in and save the girl from the hiding she got? They seem more interested in getting a good video, rather than doing what was right.

I have to say, the idea of my wife finding out about my infidelity was always the main reason that I visited a Stockholm escort, instead of having a girlfriend in the ‘real world’. With an escort I know I am going to have my privacy respected, and the two worlds won’t ever collide.

As for this video, I hope the women responsible for the attack face justice in the future. There is being pissed off over a partner cheating, and then there is stepping well over the line of decency.

Then again, one suspects the victim will think twice about jumping in bed with someone already in a relationship anytime soon!


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