New Measures Anticipated in Bristol’s Downs ‘Sex Litter’ Issue

January 28, 2014

Here at XEscorts, we believe in equality. It doesn’t matter whether you are male, female, straight, gay, TS, TV, bisexual, or of any other sexual orientation; we are all people who make our own choices in life and deserve to be treated the same.

However, sometimes the line of what is prejudiced behaviour and what is a justified opinion can become a bit more complicated.

‘Sex Litter’

It seems that Bristol’s historic Downs is proving to be highly popular for a lot more than just jogging and sightseeing.

Gay couple

Downs Ranger Robert Westlake is reporting an ongoing problem of “inappropriate behaviour of a sexual nature” which is causing an issue with “sex litter”.

In simple terms, our Park Ranger is noticing lots of used condoms in an area that is frequented by the gay community.

Mr Westlake is urging the Downs Committee on Monday to form a group to consider further measures which can be adopted.

In simple terms, the Rangers are are getting sick of it and want it stopped

In 2008, the city council employees’ Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) Group, also known as the Rainbow Group, hit out over plans to clear an area next to Circular Road because they felt it would be “potentially discriminatory”.The feeling is that Bristol could be heading down the same road with the latest plans.

Potentially Damaging

This brings me back to my original point. Are the Rangers being homophobic by wanting this behavior stopped? Or are they just sick of picking up used condoms in a beautiful country area?

Homophobia is still rife in many places; the home, the workplace and the streets among others. Like any bigotry, it needs to be eradicated. Yet when you start throwing around terms like ‘potentially discriminatory’ in circumstances like these, we go down a very troubling route, in my opinion.


If, as it seems, Mr Westlake has a legitimate gripe, then pulling the ‘your homophobic’ card out of your pocket, in my opinion takes away from the gay men and women who suffer abuse, violence, and have their job prospects stunted every day.

If you are going to have outdoor sex, take your evidence home and don’t launch it on the floor for Eddie the Ranger to pick up. When he has to pick up your used condom, he likely isn’t being homophobic when he calls you a ‘dirty b*stard’. You are, in fact, a ‘dirty b*stard’, because guess what; you have just thrown a used condom on the floor for him to pick up. That’s not just gay people, that is for anyone who wants outdoor sex.

We will see where this ends up. But I do hate the ‘bigotry’ stick being waved around. It diminishes, in the public eye, the legitimate complaints of those who suffer every day.

Bristol Male Escorts

This unwanted attention is also one of the reasons that the Bristol male escorts are becoming very popular. Men looking for male companionship can go and see them and have none of the problems that the people who enjoy ‘open air sex’ seem to suffer. And it is all done in a the privacy, and cleanliness of a home, apartment or hotel.

For many, this is a much better option. And you certainly won’t have Ranger Westlake on your case!


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