Noisy Mating Lions Interrupt Wildlife Documentary!

June 2, 2014

A nature documentary in Africa was rudely interpreted this week when two lions began noisily having sex right in camera shot.

Host Chacha Nyandongo was talking about lions in the area as a male and female cat approached from behind.

He turns and notices the two are beginning to mate as the male climbs on top of the female, and the camera begins to zoom in.

A Complete Professional

Well, the inevitable happens and the poor presenter finds himself getting drowned about by the males high intensity groans.

However, it seems that Chacha is a lot more mature and a damn site more professional than me and the rest of the internet as he doesn’t miss a beat in his presentation. He goes on to explain that this is just the noise of his excitement and all mammals make that noise during ejaculation.

Chacha doesn’t even break a smile, as the tryst ends after about ten seconds. The female actually looks very content after the short encounter, which is a major difference between what happens in the ‘bedrooms’ of men and beasts (something that Chacha leaves out of his description)


The noises are actually incredible. It wouldn’t surprise me if any of the Manchester escorts could give stories of clients roaring that loud whilst the orgasm, although they would never breach anyone’s confidentially that way! I’m sure that deafening moans are not restricted to the animal kingdom!

To be fair, you couldn’t have even scripted it any better, and that is one of the reasons the video has gone viral.

We hope you enjoy it. Chacha Myandongo….you are a star!


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