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January 20, 2014

One of the most beautiful and attractive locations in all of the United Kingdom is Newcastle. The real name of this place is Newcastle upon Tyne, which has been shortened down to Newcastle for ease of use. This is a metropolitan borough as well as a large city, located in Tyne and Wear in the North Eastern side of England. Previously, Newcastle used to be a part of Northumberland. The location of the city is primarily on the northern bank of the River Tyne, and is around 8.5 miles from the North Sea. The history of Newcastle is extremely diverse, and it owes its name to the castle that was built back in 1080 by the Duke of Normandy, Robert.

The Angel of the North, Northumberland, UK

At present, Newcastle is a great place for people who are looking to delve in to the history of England, as it was such an important center of trade in the area. Newcastle is also the home of Newcastle FC, the famous Premier League football club that has seen historic success. The famous St. James’ Park is the home of Newcastle FC. However, there are numerous olden buildings within the area that reflect greatly upon the history of this iconic city. Those who are visiting Newcastle must have a brief idea about the history of the city in order to understand the true role that the city played in the growth and development of the British Empire.

History of Newcastle

The first recorded settlement of Newcastle goes as far back as the 2nd century AD, where the Romans settled. The settlement was known as Pons Aelius, and the population was estimated to be around 2,000. Several parts of the wall created by the Emperor are still present in the area, especially along the West Road. When the Romans departed, Newcastle became a part of Northumbria. It was at this time when a wooden castle was constructed in the area by the rulers, which became known as New Castle, where the city got its name.

During the Middle Ages, Newcastle served as a major fortress for England in the North. Stone walls were built in the 13th century here to prevent invasions. By 1530, Newcastle was developing in to a major port, as coal became a major commodity. The plague was also quite damaging to Newcastle, killing somewhere around 15,000 people. Newcastle continued to develop, and by the 18th century, was the fourth largest centre of print in England. As the Industrial Revolution hit England, Newcastle developed by opening up ship building industries as well as numerous heavy engineering industries. Numerous inventions and innovations also took place within the area, and Newcastle developed rapidly.


Then, in 1901, the Newcastle Corporation Tramways were opened, which completely revolutionized the Newcastle transport system. The city has tried its hardest in order to preserve the significant past of the city, and one of the clear evidences of this was the opening of the Museum of Science and Industry, which opened back in 1934.

Tourism in Newcastle

There are numerous places to visit for tourists in Newcastle. Being such a historically significant city, there are numerous old buildings and Gothic styled structures, while newer, modern buildings also stand here. The Theatre Royal in Newcastle is a great place to start, which is located in the midst of Grainger Town. First created in 1837, it provides a great experience for people to visit a structure which is centuries old. Other places such as the Discovery Museum as well as Newcastle City Hall also provide an insight in to the history of Newcastle, while the Beamish Museum also provides a great option for people to delve in to the history of the city.

Other places of interest include the Great North Museum, the original Castle in Newcastle, the famous Racecourse of Newcastle as well as the famous Newcastle Cathedral and apart from that, the famous St. James’ Park Stadium which hosts the official Newcastle Football Club team.


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