Why Are We Obsessed With Anal?

March 4, 2015

My girl friends and I get together roughly once a week to catch up and gossip about what’s going on in our lives. We talk about work, guys we are dating, and often we find ourselves talking about sex.

Last night we got onto the topic of sex, and one said that she had finally given in to her boyfriend’s demands for anal sex. She loved it and was hoping to do it again. Some of the group agreed that anal sex is one of the best things you can try in best, while others said they were sceptical but wanted to try it for themselves.

It seems we are becoming obsessed with the anal sex. We want to talk about it all of the time, or we want to try it and see what the fuss is about. So why do we keep talking about anal sex?


We are all a lot more willing to try new things than we used to be, and there aren’t many things in the bedroom that can still be considered taboo. Anal sex, for whatever reason, is still seen as something bad and naughty that should not be done.

Making someone think that anal sex is wrong just makes them want to try it more. It is like putting a big red button in front of someone and saying “don’t touch it”, except this time the button is pink, tight, and a lot more tempting.

You want to find out for yourself what it is like, instead of listening to others saying “it’s wrong” and that it simply “isn’t enjoyable”. You want first hand experience, which just makes it all the more appealing.

It is everywhere!

If your friends are anything like mine, they will be making it seem like they are getting backdoor action all of the time. They could be exaggerating, yes, but that doesn’t stop your mind from thinking that everyone else is doing it. That makes you want to try it too.

It doesn’t help that a lot of porn videos also have anal sex in them. You’ll be quite happily beating away when the scene changes and the man is plunging his hard cock into her tight ass without any resistance. She’s moaning and groaning as she acts out each orgasm it gives her. Well, if it is that pleasurable, why not?

We need to bear in mind that porn is a fantasy. What we see on the screen isn’t real. Sometimes the orgasms are faked, and the pleasure they feel during these acts could be too. Likewise, you friend may be bragging about their sex lives to cover up for the fact that, actually, it isn’t as impressive as they make it sound.

Primal control

Control is a big part of our bedroom antics. We either crave it, wanting to have control over every aspect and play the dominator role, or we want to lose it and be at the mercy of someone else.

For men, the appeal of anal is that they are in control. It speaks to their primal urges to take their partner and dominate them.

Anal sex allows the man to be in control. He can choose the position and the depth of each thrust, which is a huge turn on.

Tight and intimate

Trying it out for the first time has its advantages and disadvantages. First time anal means lots of nerves, stress, and if you get it wrong it can also mean some pain. That is why enjoying a relaxing massage or bath beforehand can really help.

The rest of the time, though, it is simply pleasurable. It is a very intimate thing to do and can really bring you and your partner closer together. It is also incredibly tight, making you want to take your time and enjoy their ass squeezing your cock.

Are you an anal lover, or do you struggle to see the appeal?

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