OWO Versus Covered Oral!

March 28, 2016

A sexy woman licks a lollipop, enjoying a debate on OWO versus covered oral

Getting a blowjob is one of the hottest things around. Seeing your sexy lady sink to their knees before you, grinning as they lick their lips and move their mouth towards your cock is a turn on for so many. When it comes to oral sex, people seem torn between the different types, pitting a covered BJ against the feel of lips on bare skin. It is always OWO versus covered oral.

The question is: does it really make that much of a difference whether your cock is neatly wrapped or not? For a lot of people, it makes a hell of a difference… whether you are the one receiving the blowjob or you are the one giving it.

Here on the XEscorts blog we look at OWO versus covered oral. We look at the key differences, why people might prefer one over the other, and which one is the ultimate winner. Got your own thoughts on OWO versus covered oral? You can use the comment box below to tell us your opinion.

Feeling every little sensation

In porn videos, the most common kind of oral that you will see is OWO. OWO simply stands for “oral without condom”, meaning that there is nothing but a pair of wet lips on your rock hard cock.

For a start, your partner doesn’t have to deal with the taste of condom. Condoms don’t have a pleasant taste, yes, even those with flavours, so instead of sucking on latex and getting lube in their mouth, all they taste is your cock.

People love getting uncovered blowjobs because it feels so good. Condoms tends to make it harder to feel every little sensation. For a few people, they find that they can’t keep an erection if they haven’t got some juicy wet lips right on their cock with nothing in the way. Some licks can be missed if you have got a condom covering your cock, but when you enjoy OWO you feel every motion they make with their mouth, every lick, and every suck.

Keeping your cock covered

Of course, some people prefer to keep things covered during oral. Often, people don’t pay as much attention to the cleanliness of their dick as they should, and if you are about to go down on a dirty dick, you tend not to be that enthusiastic about it.

A lot of guys out there think that they have cleaned their cocks enough, but when a sexy lady gets up close and personal with it, they find that it is looking pretty disgusting and unclean to them. A condom simply stops your lips from coming into direct contact with the dirty dick.

It also can prevent a number of nasty surprises. Some guys don’t have common courtesy, and while most of you out there will know that you should give a warning to your partner when you are about to blow your load, some don’t. Instead they like to surprise their partner, but this can be pretty unpleasant… especially if you haven’t agreed to that kind of ending in the first place!

The condom will work to catch their cum, meaning you don’t end up gagging on their jizz. It makes the whole thing a lot more pleasant, especially as condoms can prevent even more surprises!

Preventing STIs

You can catch and transmit STIs through oral sex. A lot of people aren’t aware of this, as they seem to believe it is only through fucking an ass or pussy that they can catch something. There are a number of different STIs you could get simply from not enjoying a little covered oral, so it is easy to see why OWO versus covered oral is such a big topic.

No-one wants to catch an STI, so covering your cock is a great way to prevent it. Think that the STIs might not be that bad so you can risk it? The three most commonly caught STIs when it comes to oral sex are genital herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis… and rates of infection are on the rise simply because people take risks.

You can catch even more than that. You are at risk of catching chlamydia, genital warts, hepatitis A, B, and C, HIV, and pubic lice… all from an uncovered blowjob. That might just get you rethinking that sweet OWO.

Why do people risk it?

So, why do people actually risk going for an uncovered blowjob when they might get an STI? When you look at OWO versus covered oral in this way, it seems like an easy choice to make… right?

The problem is that covered oral doesn’t always feel as good. A lot of the time the sexy lady you are spending time with will know just what to do to make it great for you, but sometimes, they might not be sure. This then means that you don’t get as intense a blowjob.

Condoms can also slow down the fun a lot. If you are eager to give the hot person you’re fucking a facial after they’ve sucked your cock, you’d need to get close to orgasm, whip off the condom, and then point at her face. Timing is crucial, and if you get it wrong you might just make a mess… and not where you were hoping to!

OWO versus covered oral

Really, the winner when it comes to OWO versus covered oral depends on the person. If you are with your partner, know them, and trust them, the chances are that OWO is going to work fine for you.

You need to find that perfect and kinky balance between the pleasure you want to feel and the safety of yourself and your partner. Personally I will always go for covered oral. It might not always feel fantastic, but it is better than getting genital herpes, right?

What do you think? Are you a big fan of OWO, or do you prefer to keep your cock wrapped when it comes to blowjobs? We want to hear your thoughts on this!

Not sure how to let us know what you think? You can simply leave a comment in the box below, telling us which you prefer and which side you back in OWO versus covered oral. Join in the discussion. See what others think of this discussion, join the debate, and you might learn some more about the key differences between OWO and covered oral.

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