Palm Reader ‘Gropes Women In Car Park’

May 21, 2014

Man with hands in handcuffs behind his back

In a story that no-one could predict, a palm reader has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two women in a Walmart car park.

Zulfikar Jaffer, 52, was arrested charged with two counts of battery after two women told police in Sanford, Florida, that he touched them inappropriately.

Wandering Hands

Jaffer approached the first lady after she put her child in the car. He then told her he could tell she was pregnant and asked to feel the baby’s heartbeat. The woman refused, at which point he allegedly touched her on her breast.

He then walked off, telling her she was having a boy.

The second woman was approached and Jaffer convinced her to let him into her car. He then allegedly placed his hand down her shirt.

According to the police report, Jaffer admitted to meeting both women, but claimed that reaching into a woman’s shirt to feel her heartbeat is an everyday part of his palm readings.

OK….isn’t the palm on the hand? I will admit to being a bit confused.

Gazing into The Future

Either Jaffer is a misunderstood palm reader, or he is a raging pervert. I can’t wait to see how his defence goes down in court.

I will look into the future of Zulfikar Jaffer and I see a trip to jail. See, I did that without even putting my hand down his top. Maybe I have a gift?


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