Paul Flowers Quits Council over ‘Adult Content’ on Computer

November 20, 2013

Is it just me, or does it seem that every day brings a new story of a politician getting up to something he shouldn’t, and leaving their career in tatters?

The latest in the long line of public servants committing career suicide is Paul Flowers. It has been a pretty terrible couple of weeks for Mr Flowers. The former Chairman of the Co-op bank had already had to resign from that particular position in June after a £1.5bn black hole was found in the companies finances. Still, things have got much worse for Reverend Flowers (yes he is also a Methodist minister)

Just last week Mr Flowers was caught in an undercover Daily Mail sting operation buying Cocaine and Ketamine. Reverend Flowers stated that his actions were “stupid and wrong”, though his trials and tribulations have not stopped there..

As we know, when the press smell blood they go in for the kill. And if you have skeletons in your closet, don’t be surprised when the doors crash open, and the skeletons fall on top of you. This is certainly whats happened to Rev. Flowers.

In 2011 he resigned from his position on Bradford city council, after serving for ten years. He cited personal reasons and increased responsibilities at the bank for his departure. It appears that those reasons were not genuine.

The council has revealed that “inappropriate, but not illegal adult content was found on a council computer handed in by Councillor Flowers for servicing. This was put to him and he resigned immediately.”

It seems that he was given a chance to resign, and an act of kindness from the council allowed him to leave with his reputation in tact. Sadly that was blown out of the water when he got busted buying drugs. He has now been suspended by the Labour party and the Methodist church.

Safe Browsing

We have no idea what kind of content he has been caught looking at. It may be porn, it may be escorts, it would be daft to get involved in conjecture. What is does make clear is the fact that we all need to be careful what we are looking at on works computers. Well actually I don’t as it is my job to look at escort websites all day, but you lot need to!

Try not to browse naughty sites at the office, or if you must, clear your history. Remember, most people work in jobs where you will not be given the chance to leave with your head held high.

Always try and use your phone, or a personal laptop, something only you have access to. It is certainly better to be safe than sorry.

One final thing; we hope that things calm down for Mr Reverend Flowers. It is never nice to see someones life get ripped apart in public view. Hopefully that will be the end of the revelations and he can begin to put his life back on track.



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