Public Masturbator Breaks Into Home!

February 25, 2015

You’d think that spotting a man standing outside your house while masturbating would be the worst thing that could happen, but for residents of Altamonte Springs in Florida, it got a whole lot worse.

Police are now hunting down the public masturbator and flasher after he decided to break into a woman’s home, steal her phone, and then use her phone to take pictures of her in the shower. These pictures later turned up on Facebook.

Concerned residents

Previously, there had been reports of strange activity in the small suburb. Residents had noticed a man lurking in the area, and kept an eye on him to see what he got up to.

Rather alarmingly, he decided to stand outside apartment windows and touch himself.

I can understand people getting a thrill from the risk of being caught, or from having sex in public, but this is a man standing outside of people’s homes whacking one off! I don’t understand what could make him think “this is a great idea”.

Taking things further

Whatever his reasons, simply standing outside of people’s home and having a wank wasn’t enough anymore. He wanted to go further.

Police were called to the apartments when they received reports that a man, presumably the public masturbator, had broken into someone’s home.

They arrived at the scene to hear that a woman’s phone had been stolen, and began to conduct their investigation. You might think that this was the end of it, but it got a whole lot worse.

Caught in the shower

It seems that the man, while helping himself to this woman’s phone, noticed she was in the shower.

Instead of sneaking out, happy to simply have the phone, he snuck into the bathroom with her and took pictures of her in the shower… with her own phone.

The worse part? After he had fled, those pictures then appeared on her Facebook page. The thief decided to share them with the world.

From now on, I’m locking the bathroom door.

On the hunt

Police are now on the hunt for this man and are appealing for any help with finding out who he is or where he has gone.

Spokesperson Rob Pelton, of Altamonte Springs Police, said “having someone actually in your apartment while you are taking a shower is quite scary honestly.” He goes on to say that “going to get a victim’s cell phone and having the gall to stand inside of a residence that you have broken into to steal someone’s cell phone and use it to take a picture of them in the shower is unheard of.”

The idea of it is terrifying. I really hope they catch this guy soon! What do you think of this story?

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