Questions Punters Need To Stop Asking Sex Workers!

March 19, 2019

Questions Punters Need To Stop Asking Sex Workers

People say that curiosity killed the cat. Why? Because being curious can often land you in some trouble. I’m a curious human being, and I often have lots of questions or thoughts on a variety of different things. However, asking those questions doesn’t always get me answers. Sometimes it earns me a chewing out for crossing a line.

It’s exactly the same for punters. When you’re on a date with one of the top escorts in Scotland, you might find that curiosity gets the better of you. You have a burning question that you just can’t ignore and so you open your mouth… only to ruin the entire booking.

Not sure which questions you need to avoid? I’m about to get blunt, so keep reading if you want the honest truth. Here are the questions punters need to stop asking sex workers.

“Is this really what you want to do?”

Sex work is highly stigmatised. It seems like everyone and their dog has an opinion about escorting, and it isn’t often favourable. People think that sex for money is dirty and needs to be stopped. The belief is that things like the Nordic model can end the industry. Criminalising the clients means that they’ll stop buying sex and suddenly escorts are able to leave the industry with no problems whatsoever.

We already know that the Nordic model is problematic, and the stigma surrounding the industry only furthers the problems. This means that people think it is okay to question whether this is a job that sex workers really want to do.

Think about your motivation for asking this question. Are you asking it because you’re concerned for the escort and feel that something is amiss? If so, you should trust your gut and leave before reporting it to the necessary authorities. If you’re asking it simply because you’d like to play the white knight, don’t do it. When asking sex workers this question, it says more about you than it does them! You’re putting your internalised stigma onto them.

Asking sex workers if this is really what they want to do isn't a good idea
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“What’s the weirdest request you’ve had?”

People love to gossip. We like to know what’s going on, to learn and discover more about people. This is why some clients might be tempted to ask their chosen escort about the weirdest requests that they’ve had. However, as you may have guessed, this isn’t a good idea. After all, I’ve included it on this list.

Let’s get straight to the point here. If you’re asking sex workers this question, then you’re actually being really rude. What happens behind closed doors between consenting adults is nobody’s business. Think about it. When you go to see an escort, you do so safe in the knowledge that whatever you ask for or do will stay between the two of you, right? How would you feel if a client started trying to dig up details about your meeting? I’m going to guess not good.

What will the answer earn you? The chances are, nothing much. All it will do is satisfy your curiosity and give you the chance to judge someone you don’t know. Is that worth knowing that the escort you’ve chosen to see might not be as discreet as you thought? Probably not, so rather than asking this question, you should keep your mouth shut and just enjoy your date.

“Can we go on a real date?”

When asking sex workers questions, clients might say things similar to this. The idea of going on a ‘real’ date with an escort, without money exchanging hands, is a turn on for them. They don’t want to pay for the time of the escort, but they still want to enjoy their companionship. There’s the hope that asking them out on a real date is going to work, as the escort will then decide to date the client permanently… or they just want to save their money.

If you want to receive the same treatment that you would during a booking, you need to pay them. This is their livelihood, and they aren’t likely to do it for free just because you’ve asked nicely! Think about it… how many of you would do a professional job for free? I wouldn’t write an article without some kind of compensation, so don’t expect escorts to do that.

Some punters like to take chances. They want to test their boundaries and see how much they can get away with. This is just one of the ways that they might do that. I’m not saying that you will be like this. You might just be curious. But some clients want to push their luck. They might ask for a freebie or try and extend their meeting without paying. Don’t be that guy!

If you’re taking up the time of a sex worker, pay them! All that being cheeky will do is make sure your chosen escort doesn’t answer your calls in the future.

Being cheeky isn't going to earn you any brownie points
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Lara’s top tip

If your question isn’t above, but you’re not sure whether it is okay to ask it, I’ve got a good suggestion for you. As a general rule of thumb, think “would I ask anyone else this question?”. If the answer is “no”, then don’t ask it. If the answer is “yes”, then you might be okay. It’s a simple rule, but a great one to make sure you don’t cross the line when asking sex workers questions.

For example, you wouldn’t ask a teacher “what’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to do”. You certainly wouldn’t ask these questions of your family, so don’t do it!

Still not sure? The video below features sex workers and the questions that they get asked. They cover a huge range of topics, including things that it isn’t okay to ask. Give it a watch and see if your questions is covered!

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