Real Sex – My Naughty Confessions

December 5, 2014

Man on top of the blonde woman in bed

We give you a one off pass to discover the naughtiest secrets of people round the country. Get ready these are some filthy confessions!

Man on top of the blonde woman in bed

Addicted to Anal Sex

“People think I´m odd because I love anal sex.” Writes Jasmine. “I don´t just love anal sex, I adore it! I have even had to convince men to give me some booty action, because they´ve never gone there. I must have convinced four or five men to lose their anal virginity.

The thing is, I can´t orgasm unless I´ve had anal sex, or at least anal stimulation. I can´t get enough of it!

One time I was so in the mood for anal sex I accepted an invitation from a guy I didn´t fancy or like and told him as long as he gave me anal sex I would come and spend a night with him. He must have felt like he had just won the lottery and chased me for weeks after but all I wanted was my anal sex fix.

I have lots of toys to satisfy my needs if I am home alone, toys just for anal pleasure. I haven´t yet met a man who can handle my addiction or my sex drive!”

Golden Shower Devotee

“The first time I tried peeing during sex was a real awakening.” Explains Lisa. “It was with a boyfriend who was desperate to try peeing on me. We tried it and he peed on my body and butt during sex and it made me unexpectedly wild. I had a massive orgasm and then I knew I was hooked.

Woman kneels in front of man

We tried it many times after, even peeing on the face and mouth, always receiving, it was even more erotic. I ended with the boyfriend and in my next few flings I found it really difficult to state what my deepest fantasy was. Fortunately for me, my friend put me in touch with a golden showers group who met at the weekends.

I was really nervous about attending, because I had some scary scenes playing in my head about a big orgy! In fact, we went off in couples we chose and had sex, experimenting with golden showers and water sports. I still attend the group now and it´s fun to all share in our fantasy together.”

I See Escorts Behind My Wife´s Back

“You may think me immoral.” Writes John. “But my wife and I haven´t had sex for many years, we have decided to stay together to keep our kids happy, but I am so frustrated sexually I some days don´t know what to do with myself.

I actually had a few affairs, but it created all sorts of emotional problems and guilt, and I found myself really regretting decisions made, because there was no woman willing to just have sex and not want an emotional connection as well. I would get txts and calls while with my wife was home with me, raising her suspicions. Then I discovered escorts.

Sexy reflection

The first time was fantastic, an explosive sexual time which helped me to release all the built up tension inside of me. Then when I left it was over and there was no emotional follow up, it was just what I needed.

I started to see the same escort once a week, while telling my wife I was working late at work. I figured it was the most cleanest way to cheat, because I wasn´t betraying her emotionally.
I was also always careful and when I got bored of that escort I could book another. I didn´t feel the horrible guilt as before and it´s been five years and still I use escorts regularly. It has taken some space in my wallet but not from my conscience.”

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