How To Rock In Bed

December 12, 2014

Want to make her bed rock but don’t know if you have all the moves down? Or perhaps you consider yourself a bit of a sex God but want to up the ante and surprise her? We have the tips and moves to rock in bed…

Seduce Her

Your woman’s sexual experience depends on foreplay much more than a man’s, this doesn’t just mean the moves. It means creating emotional and physical security. This can be through a few things, depending on the girl. Compliments are important, a woman needs to feel sexy and attractive and this will make her feel more uninhibited in the bedroom, which means win-win for you. A woman can be turned on by a romantic setting, such as candles, roses and effort being put in to make the night special. Seducing a woman means undressing her slowly, taking your attention to each part of her body and touching her before launching into sex. Put her sexual needs before yours and in the end you will get richly rewarded.

Find The G-spot

Rule number one, page one. A woman’s G Spot holds the key to a truly body writhing, toe-curling experience on her part. Finding the G Spot is relatively easy, when inserting your fingers into her vagina, reach for the pocket with a rough surface and start to stimulate with your fingers on the anterior wall. Some women will absolutely love this, some will find it quite strong but the more you’ve made your woman relaxed and comfortable the more she will enjoy it. Stimulating the G Spot will mean when you have sex, she will be extra stimulated, horny and will enjoy sex even more. To stimulate the G Spot during sex, pull her legs upwards to enter her deeply, or place a pillow under her butt, this means you are penetrating her G Spot. Stimulate it in the right way and you make her have an unbelievable internal orgasm. Other tips for the G Spot: Alternate using your fingers then having sex to really have her in the palm of your hand.

Find The Clitoris

I put the cliroris second for a reason, the clitoris is important, but in a different way. Stimulate the clitoris with soft circular movements with your fingers or your tongue. Before sex, to start the mood and during sex also helps to bring her to a intense clitoral orgasm. You know women can have two different types of orgasms right? The best is a combination of both in one session. Start with the internal orgasm and end with some oral sex which brings her to a humungous intense clitoral orgasm. Do this to your woman, she will practically kiss your feet.

Play Some Games

Fifty Shades of Grey was popular for a reason, women like a little bit of rough, a little bit of sexual tension and you can achieve that without being too heavy handed. To bring some fireworks into the bedroom, experiment with your woman with some grabbing, lifting and passionate kissing, then go for some gentle hair pulling and spanking. This will spice up the action in the bedroom no end!

With these tips we are sure you will have her begging you not to stop! Want some saucy inspiration? Check out the comments below.


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