Seeing Escorts -The Danger of Alcohol

November 27, 2014

We’ve all heard of the wonders of ‘Dutch courage’ alluding to the concept that having a few inside you will give you a confidence boost. Of course, in social situations is when alcohol is most used to calm nerves, so it is no surprise that many men think they should visit an escort after having a few drinks. We analyse why this may just be the drink speaking!

Releases Inhibitions

Yes, alcohol certainly releases inhibitions but sometimes this isn’t a great thing. One drink is enough to release inhibitions, but three or four are enough to completely obliterate inhibitions and this is where the problem may lie. If there is a possibility you may embarrass yourself with too much alcohol, just don’t do it. It won’t be a memorable experience for you or for them if you turn up at their home drunk and start to dance around the room, slur your words and trip up on your way up the stairs!

Be a gentleman, keep control of yourself and make a good impression, trust us, you will be paid back for this because the woman you are with will be more relaxed and therefore more able to incite pleasure.


A drunken night out with the lads is not the ideal time to book an escort, contrary to popular belief. Many men will head out to the pub and book an escort for after the night has finished. This is not something that will be acceptable to most escort companies and agencies who don’t want to put their escorts in dangerous hands.

It may be a confusing time, but remember when drunk you are more confused and are not thinking as clearly, best to head home get a sleep and book one for the next evening if you still want to do it, when you are refreshed, well slept and brighter, with enough energy and time to truly enjoy the experience.


Lack Of Control

You are not fully in control of yourself when you are drunk, you cannot control your body, your mind and your reactions. This can in turn effect the escort you are with. He or she may be used to requests of all different kinds, but she won’t be impressed if you show up drunk. Drinking can make us misinterpret situations, slow down reactions and incite aggression or arguments.

It’s best not to put anybody in a situation where they don’t feel in control or comfortable. Sometimes even the smell of alcohol on somebody is off-putting and makes them nervous, so be careful, just one will do, perhaps one you can enjoy together.

Sexual Performance is Diminished

Let’s be honest, when drinking alcohol, a man’s sexual performance diminishes and can even be non-existent! The ‘all talk and no trousers’ saying can be applied here, as much as you may want to be intimate, alcohol affects the blood flow to the ‘vital’ organs, resulting in impotence and embarrassment! This would be a complete waste of what could be a really fulfilling and exciting evening just by the fact you’ve drunk one too many!

Do you have any stories from seeing an escort when you are drunk? Are you an escort who has had to throw a guy out because he was too pissed? Let us know in the comments section below.


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