Seven Crazy American Sex Laws!

May 13, 2014

I love the United States of America. I make a point of going to New York at least twice a year just to feel the buzz. Contrary to the widely held view, they are a really friendly bunch I find. Still, that doesn’t stop the country as a whole having its fair share of eccentricity.

Having a read around the internet, a found some proof, if proof was needed of that statement. I discovered seven strange sex laws that you could really only find in America.

Seriously, they are real! And here, they are.

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A Crazy List

1) In New Hampshire, it is illegal to commit adultery. However, lawmakers recently voted to scrap this legislation, so we may be seeing the back of it on January 1st!

2) In Utah, it is illegal to act ‘too sexy’. In an effort to curb soliciting in 2011, people were banned from engaging in acts which merely implied they wanted to trade sex for money. These included touching or exposing yourself.

3) Until March this year, it was actually legal for police in Hawaii to have sex with prostitutes.

That would have been a great job for me!

4) In New York itself, it is illegal to commit adultery. And if you don’t think this law is ever actioned, you are wrong! In 2010, a woman was arrested for having sex on a picnic table. She was arrested for public lewdness, and also, thanks to the arresting officer knowing she was married, she was also lifted for adultery.

5) In Nebraska, you cannot get married if you have gonorrhoea. Still, if you have an STI, why are you getting married anyway?

6) Four states (Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Kansas) that have banned sodomy, but wait for it; they allow necrophilia.

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I do suspect however that if you get caught screwing a corpse, they may nail you on a technicality!

7) If you lose a pool game in Anniston, Alabama, it is illegal for ladies to settle their debt with sex.

Pool hustlers everywhere will be gutted I’m sure.

In Closing

So there you go. Thankfully, meeting a Birmingham escort is much more simple and perfectly legal.

Thank god for that!


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