Sex Can Cure the Common Cold!

January 6, 2014

It’s the cold season, and I for one have been struck by the bug. To be fair I feel like absolute garbage. I have gone through the traditional treatments on offer, Lemsip, a hot toddy and bed rest, but nothing appears to be working. However, trawling on the internet, I have found a something very interesting. Apparently sex helps the fight against the common cold.

Yes, a bit of hanky-panky can get you feeling top of the world once again. Swiss researcher Manfred Shedlovski believes that sex not only gives you physical benefits, it can also build up your immune system, allowing the body to kill of various ailments, including those pesky cold.

The science is actually pretty basic. The number of Phagocytes increase during sex, and may even double during an orgasm. Phagocytes are cells in the immune system that seek out and destroy antibodies by penetrating them and self-destructing.

Love kiss couple naked Man and woman in shower

A Few Problems

This seems like a great way to get myself feeling better. Though I have to admit, there may be a few problems with this plan.

Firstly, I look like garbage, so the chances of the Mrs actually letting me anywhere near her seem remote at the best. After seven years it is difficult enough as it is.

Secondly, even if she is stupid enough to think about letting me, then the fact that I am full of diseases may be a deal breaker. Why would she want what I have got?

Just imagine turning up to visit one of the London escorts streaming full of a cold? I may be wrong but I doubt many would be too willing to take your booking.

I think it could just be a case of me going back to bed and getting another hot water bottle.

Happy new year everybody.


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