Sex Injuries: What To Do When They Happen!

November 23, 2017

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Mistakes happen. Yes, we might prefer to think that we are sex gods at all times, but more often than not we will slip up. Maybe we’ll get something wrong when trying that hot sex act? Maybe we move in a new sex position and hurt ourselves or our partner? Either way, sex injuries are fairly common when it comes to sex.

There are so many different ways you can get hurt in the bedroom. Even something like the cowgirl position can leave you in a lot of pain if you get it wrong. So what do you do when you find yourself dealing with sex injuries in the act? We take a look at the most common injuries and how to fix them.

Things getting stuck

Objects becoming stuck has to be one of the most common sex injuries people have to endure. It happens a lot… whether it is the condom slipping off during sex and becoming stuck in the vagina or the ass or an unsuitable item being slipped in the ass.

Depending on where it has become stuck, there are different techniques to get it unstuck. For example, if it is a condom loose in the vagina, often waiting for around 15 minutes after sex can help. The body will relax and you can attempt to fish it out. It can also help to squat down, as this will help to spread things out down there. Still struggling? Seek medical help to be on the safe side.

Unlike the vagina, anything stuck in the ass has a chance of getting lost elsewhere, since it leads to your digestive tract. This means that something stuck in the ass can cause big problems for you. It is why you should only use toys designed for anal play that have tapered ends, as this can help to prevent this issue.

If you can’t resist the urge and manage to get something stuck, breathe slowly. Stressing is going to make your muscles tense and it will be difficult to get it out. You can then try lifting one leg up and pushing down like you are going to the toilet. This can help you push the toy out, or at least get it looser so that you can slip clean fingers in to grab it. If all else fails, seek professional help.

Getting it stuck is one of the most common injuries

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Penile fracture

When we get just a little too enthusiastic in the bedroom, we can end up in trouble. One thrust can make all the difference, and one of the other most common sex injuries is a broken penis. Often a penile fracture occurs when sex gets a little too rough, as excessive force can cause the cock to snap.

If you have ever thrust and found your penis just stopping and wincing in pain, then count yourself lucky that it did not break. This often occurs in the cowgirl or doggy style position, as these tend to involve hard and fast sex.

Should this happen to you, ice the area immediately. This should only be done with ice that is covered, as the last thing you want is to get ice stuck to your cock when it is broken. It will help to reduce swelling, and then you can get yourself treated by a medical professional. The worst part is that you will be advised to avoid sex and masturbation for a while until it heals, but at least your cock will get fixed!

Breaking your cock is another common bedroom problem

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Another common sex injury that you might find yourself facing is tearing. Vaginal tearing and anal tearing happen when the area is not lubricated enough, either through a lack of stimulation (in the case of vaginal) or a lack of adequate preparation with lube (in both cases).

This is bad for a number of reasons. Not only is it incredibly painful and itchy while it heals, but it can also spread infection, which can make matters worse. This is probably one of the more common sex injuries people have to deal with, as they don’t take the time to enjoy foreplay or to build up to anal play.

In order to prevent this from happening in the first place, use lube and try foreplay for a good, long time. It really does make the difference. If you have experienced this and need to know how to heal, the best thing to do is to let them heal naturally and keep the area clean. If, after a while, you find that it isn’t healing or is still bleeding, then you should consult your healthcare professional.

If you experience a tear during sex, it will usually heal on its own

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Other common sex injuries

These are not the only sex injuries that you might experience in the bedroom. There are plenty more, from UTIs, pulled muscles, carpet burns, and slips in the shower. Many of these can be resolved with a little common sense. A lot of injuries will get better in time, while others require medical attention.

The idea of going to your doctor with an injury acquired during sex is one that many aren’t comfortable with. We get embarrassed by it, but the truth is they will have probably already seen worse. They are there to help you, and it is better to get it sorted properly in case complications arise.

Had experience of different sex injuries? You can share your own tips and advice by leaving a comment in the box below. You can help others figure out the best way to heal… and how to avoid encountering this injuries again in the future.

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