Sex Stories – Seduction in Science

June 25, 2015

It was a Thursday morning and I’d awoken in a good mood, as I did every Thursday. It could have had something to do with the fact that I was going to see my super sexy science teacher Mr Robinson that afternoon.

Mr Robinson stood at an intimidating 6 foot tall with short, dark, maintained hair and a strong build. He was any teenager’s fantasy crush. The way his big blue eyes would look at down at me as he passed my desk during class was enough to make me wet, and he knew it.

Every Thursday I would wake up a half an hour earlier just to make myself look sexier for Mr Robinson. I’d decided that this Thursday I would dress up like a slutty school girl to see if that would get his attention – which it did.

Carefull Chosen

I’d chosen skin colour fishnet stockings with a short black skirt, which rose just to the top of the stockings, accompanied by a black lace bra with my juicy double D’s spilling over the top. My slightly unbuttoned, white blouse and powerful, bold red lipstick made me look like the ultimate slut.

I’d walked into the classroom, deliberately late, knowing he would make me stay after class to make up the time. Anything to be alone with him! As I sat down at my desk, he approached me and said ‘You know you are going to have to stay an extra 15 minutes after class today due to being late again, Lucy!’. ‘Yes, I know, I’m sorry Mr. Robinson’, I huffed, looking up at him with sympathetic, guilty eyes.

I guess you could say I’m not the average 16 year old girl; I developed a mind for sexual activity from a young age due to starting my menstrual cycle early. My breasts started to develop at the age of 12 and by the age of 15 I had a pair of voluptuous 32 DD’s, which perch perfectly right under my chin.

Once my breasts had fully developed, I began to explore my body and had struck gold when I found out how to give myself an orgasm. My ventures into masturbation had been non-penetrative for quite some time and like any addiction, I wanted a dragon to chase.

Mr Robinson was that dragon. His matureness and power excited me. Unlike any of the immature, dick head boys in the school.

The end of the class was approaching and the other students started getting restless and noisy. Mr Robinson wandered the room and chatted with different students; I couldn’t take my eyes off him. My mind started wandering into sexual day dreams of him having me up against the chalkboard and hardening my soft nipples with his beautiful, moist mouth.

‘Remember, you’re mine for another 15 minutes this afternoon Lucy’, he said. ‘Yes, Mr Robinson’ I answered, startled from being awoken from my sexual day dream.

The bell rings and the class started to rush out the door of the classroom until we were left together alone, in pure silence.

He sat and looked at me from his desk; I managed to hold his stare. The tension was unbelievable and we both knew it!

He got up from his desk and started to close the blinds around the room, then returned back to his seat.

‘Lucy, can you come here please’, he mustered.

Getting Closer

Keeping cool, I strutted myself toward his desk and stood by his side. His eyes were level with my pert breasts, it was impossible for him to not see my cleavage that peeked out the top of my shirt.

‘Why are you dressed like this for my classes lately?’ he asked. I felt a sudden rush of embarrassment and before I could muffle out an answer he added, ‘I know what you are trying to do… and it’s working!’

He looked at my face to check my expression; I smiled at him calmly but inside my heart was pounding and my pussy ached for him.

He took me by the waist with both hands and placed me in front of him on his desk.

I couldn’t wait for him to unhook my bra and expose my ever hardening nipples that were surrounded by the luscious, soft skin of my ample breasts.

Staring deeply into his eyes, I asked him to touch me as I groped myself. He started to unbutton my blouse revealing my sexy, black laced bra. ‘Please Sir’, I huffed, ‘Please show me’. He didn’t respond.

He pulled down my bra and started to suck on my soft nipple hardening it in just one suck and then he moved onto the other. I moaned and my pussy began to moisten. He stood up and pushed my thighs apart by wedging his body between them. My body was yearning.

He removed his overalls and just as I suspected he had a strong hairless body which he placed upon me.

I was scared of it being painful but I wanted him so bad the need and desire overshadowed my fear.

As he sucked away on my erect nipples, I felt his hand reach up my thigh. My whole body quivered. ‘Relax baby’ he said, ‘it’s my first time’ I replied. ‘I know’ he responded.
He reached down and hiked up my tight, black pencil skirt, exposing my nude, flesh-colored fishnets. He pulled my soaked underwear to one side and his fingers found my dripping opening. ‘Relax, sweetheart’, he told me once more.

A finger slid inside of me and I could feel him exploring to see if it was time to add another. He gently added another, sending waves of ecstasy down my entire body.

‘Now I want you to cum for me’. He cooed. And he moved down to start massaging my pulsating clitoris with his wet mouth.

Feeling the Heat

Sliding his two fingers in and out of me in a gentle rhythm whilst his tongue flicked against my warm sweetness brought me closer to the edge. That familiar wave of warmth came over me and my tightness started contracting with the most incredible orgasm.

My body shuddered as he slowed down his flicking pace and released his fingers from my still pulsating warm love box.

‘Now it’s your turn’, he whispered in my ear.

I sat up on the desk and started to fastidiously undo his Italian leather belt, and slid it through the hoops of his Armani slacks. I carefully unzipped his flies, and found his throbbing thick cock waiting for my anxious mouth.

Not having given anybody a blowjob before, I remembered to myself how it was done in a porn movie I’d watched once and continued to take him in deeper.

He threw his head back with pleasure as I sucked every inch of his massive rod. I couldn’t get enough of the taste of him. My eager tongue was working his balls, which I knew he liked as he let off a moan. I felt like I was like something out a porn movie myself and was chuffed with myself for being so confident and willing during my first time.

I started to taste the beginnings of his spunk in the back of my warm throat. I thought he was going to implode there and then, but he stopped and said, ‘are you ready?’ I shook my head in agreement not knowing exactly what I supposed to be ready for but he put his cock back in my mouth, so I began to continue.

Slurping away on his huge, pulsating shaft I felt him harden at the tip; he threw his back once more and managed to whisper, ‘Now’. I worked his cock with my lips, hands, and tongue until he exploded into my mouth. I swallowed his warm load as he released himself from my mouth.

Holding me close to his nervous body, he looks down at me smiling and says, ‘next week, we’ll take this to the next level.’


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