Sex Toy Mistaken For Bomb!

December 9, 2014

Sex toys come in all sorts of unusual shapes and sizes. You can have discreet ones for in handbags that look like lipsticks or even ones shaped like holy figures. In fact the Escort England blog looked at the craziest dildos on the market and they came in some pretty shocking shapes… but did you know a vibrator can lead to a full evacuation of a court?

Over in the States they understand the kind of problems that courthouses face. Bomb threats are a regular thing and so the courthouse staff need to be on the lookout for any unusual objects.

Police cordon

Walking around the courthouse, one person spotted a strange, metal-looking object with a wire running from it. Thinking the worst and not wanting to get too close (because let’s face it, would you?) they went looking for the courthouse security.

They reported the object and soon the Edward J. Schwarz United States Courthouse in San Diego had been evacuated and cordoned off until the bomb squad could get there and investigate further.

Finding the sex toy

People around the courthouse were collectively holding their breath when the bomb squad arrived to deal with the situation. They watched the squad enter the building to deal with the apparent bomb and waiting.

On the inside the bomb squad found themselves breathing a sigh of relief when the mysterious object was revealed to be not a bomb, but an aluminium sex toy that had an electric cord running from it. Crisis averted!


As you can imagine, the vibrator has yet to be claimed from the lost and found box, and I’m not surprised! If I lost my vibrator in a public place I don’t think I would go looking for it again. It is better to just buy another instead of admitting that you carry it around for emergencies.

There are all sorts of more discreet vibrators and sex toys you can have that won’t draw as much attention as this one clearly did! Bullet vibrators are really popular at the moment and are some of the most discreet sex toys on the market. You can hide them in your handbag and use them to tease your partner or yourself when out and about.

Do you have any sex toys you’ve taken with you in public? Is it just because it’s a turn on to know pleasure is in arm’s reach or is it for a purpose? Tell us in the comments below.


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